Nick Jonas' Amazing Abs Are the Real Reason the Band Called It Quits

If you're anything like us and were secretly hoping there was a Yoko behind the split of the Jonas Brothers, there is excellent news on that front. Thanks to a shirtless selfie and the new trailer for Careful What You Wish For , we now know that the real reason the Jo Bros broke up is because of Nick Jonas's abs. The youngest brother's abdominal muscles are definitely the savvy Japanese artist and peace activist in this case because honestly? Neither Joe nor Kevin can compete with Nick's six bulging sacks of powerful fibrous tissue. And apparently, neither can Dermot Mulroney.

Nick Jonas stars in the new romantic thriller with Mulroney and Isabel Lucas — Jonas plays a young whippersnapper who envies Mulroney's wealth, lifestyle, and wife (Lucas.) When Jonas eventually hooks up with Lucas, things get messy, and now there's an enormous life insurance policy to deal with.

The movie all sounds well and good but really, what's most interesting about it is the fact that we're getting a peek behind the curtain here. There have been plenty of rumors surrounding the reason why JoBros are no mo (and yeah no, Nick's not on drugs, k?) but it's becoming clearer and clearer that Nick is Yoko-ing his own band. Not only does he have a starring role in a fancy movie, but he's also giving solo performances.

On Sunday Nov. 3, the 21-year-old musician gave a concert at a Napa Valley vineyard. No word on whether or not he took his shirt off during said performance, but if he did, wow. Shots fired.

While we're not entirely convinced that this JoBro split isn't just a savvy PR move, it really does seem like Nick, who is easily the most talented of the bunch (let's not kid around here), might actually be the cause of the breakup. Between his budding movie career, his solo gigs, and his abs, Nick's doing all he can to separate from the pack.

The JoBro dromo (drama? no?) continues.

Watch Joe Jonas and Dermot Mulroney in Careful What You Wish For, which hits theaters sometime in 2014:

Image: cwywfmovie/YouTube