The Jonas Brothers' Breakup Is Simply a Savvy PR Move, Even If It's Real

The Jonas Brothers are in the news yet again, which already proves my theory. After a tour cancellation, a few days of rumors, and a dramatic Twitter deactivation, the Disney-made stars finally broke up, supposedly for real. Then this morning they were on Good Morning America to talk about the whole ordeal... and I call bullshit. When was the last time the Jonas Brothers were being talked about this much? I think it was sometime around "Burnin' Up" and the Joe/Taylor Swift breakup.

Think about it, why the sudden band breakup? Why plan a whole tour after years without, just to cancel it and stop working on an album right after starting? There is a rumor floating around that Joe has a drug problem, and his brothers want him to focus on getting clean. If that's true, it's certainly a legitimate reason to breakup, I just don't exactly buy it.

Take the GMA interview (below). The band already confirmed that they were broken up and it was caused by those two words that have now been repeated ad nauseam, "deep rift." Now they need to confirm yet again with a big interview? And the Jonas Brothers isn't just a band name, they're actual brothers, so how deep could this rift be that caused a breakup but absolutely no personal tension? They seem pretty friendly sitting together on that GMA couch, and Nick said that the rift in question was about the musical direction they were taking.

So like, which Jonases get to write about their various love interests on the album? Or the schedule of who gets to have their hair curly each week and who has to keep it short? Unless Kevin suddenly decided he wanted to transform the band into a Boyz II Men-esque R&B group and Nick was hoping for death metal, I can't imagine how different of a direction they each wanted to go.

If this all is a publicity stunt, perhaps for another reunion tour a year or two down the road that will drum up bigger sales, good for them. The Jonas Brothers have lost their audience to Justin Beiber, One Direction, Cody Simpson and whatever other pre-pubescent guys with nice hair are lurking around the corner. They needed a popularity boost and if a fake breakup is the way to do it, so be it.

Of course there will never be a way to prove any of this, unless the rift is deep enough for a Bro to go rogue and reveal their entire master plan. But really, who cares? The Jonas Brothers broke up. Let's get over it, move on, and let this possible PR stunt run its course.