What Did Joey Do With His Free Time On 'Friends'? This Breakdown May Offer Some Much-Needed Insight — GRAPH

Face it, guys: Whether or not Joey Tribbiani is your favorite friend from Friends , you have to admit, it's hard not to love the guy. He was sweet and endearing, and he loved food probably more than any of us ever could — how could anyone not find him adorable? Sure, sometimes he said things that just made you want to go "oh, honey, no," but I like to think Joey just loved the simpler things in life: like eating whole pizzas, watching TV in a canoe, and raising live poultry in an urban setting. You know, relatable things. But, though Joey eventually became a working actor, you have to wonder what the guy did with his days when he wasn't even auditioning (or, you know, raising live poultry).

After all, as fans, we already know that if Joey loved anything (as much as he liked food, of course), it was doing nothing. Others might call him lazy, but I see a man passionate about his commitment to doing as little as possible. It takes focus and dedication to accomplish that little, and I applaud him for it.

In an effort to understand the mind of TV's favorite layabout, here is a highly scientific breakdown of how I believe Joey spent his average day, in the time before Netflix and Facebook stalking — aka, the '90s. Hopefully, it will show others that they, too, can squander their best years with pride! Teach us, Tribbiani!

Images: Warner Bros. Television; Dawn Foster/Bustle