'Arrow' Season 4 Is Unfairly Far Away

Whoever said the phrase "parting is such sweet sorrow" clearly never had to experience the agonizing pain that comes with seeing one of your favorite shows go on summer hiatus. Because while I'm very much looking forward to the Arrow Season 3 finale, the same cannot be said about the gaping vigilante-sized hole its absence is bound to leave in my heart. All year long we've been spoiled with mini-hiatuses that only lasted a few weeks or so. But now that the season will be officially wrapped up, we're looking at several months before the Arrow Season 4 premiere graces our television screens once more. (That's right, folks — I said months, plural. As in more than just one.) [UPDATE: The CW has announced that Arrow will premiere on Oct. 7.]

Right now The CW has yet to release it's 2015 fall schedule, however, I think it's safe to assume that history will more than likely repeat itself in regards to roughly when Arrow will make its latest seasonal debut. Throughout the show's former three seasons on the air, the series has premiered each time in early October, meaning that Team Arrow should be properly back in action around October 7, give or take a week. So unless they decide to pull a fast one on us like New Girl did and change it to a midseason show, we're looking at almost five months of an Arrow-less world. In the words of Chandler Bing, could that BE any more depressing?

Luckily, I've taken the liberty to come up with a few activities we can do to help speed up the process and distract us until the show's grand return. After all, every little bit helps.

Stalk Stephen Amell's Instagram

If you thought you loved him as Oliver Queen, that's nothing compared to what you'll begin feeling for the actor himself if you spend enough time looking through his adorable photos. If he's not sharing glimpses into the Arrow set life, then he's off being an incredible father to his precious daughter. Basically, between all the different levels of swooning, there just won't be time to think about anything else.

Become Addicted To The Flash

I'm having a hard time believing that there are those out there who watch one show, but not the other. However, if you do exist and are in need of a superhero fix, you can't get a better vigilante equivalent than Barry Allen & Co. Once this is on your radar, your summer will be over in a flash. (Get it?)

Re-Watch Arrow Seasons 1 & 2 On Netflix

It never hurts to go back and refresh what made you fall in love with this show in the first place. (Please note: continuous pausing on Oliver's shirtless workout sessions isn't just expected, but encouraged.)

Surf YouTube

Odds are that there's still a ton of Arrow interviews and behind-the-scenes footage that you have yet to even know about. Whether it's seeing one of the stars share a hilarious personal story on Conan or catching a scene that wasn't able to make it into the final cut, there's absolutely no limit to the Arrow knowledge you can absorb on YouTube. So hit up that search bar and start spiraling down a video rabbit hole.

Take Up Archery

This summer, YOU are the Arrow.

Write Arrow Fan-Fiction

Have an idea for a great Arrow scene? Write it down and share it with the world. Odds are, you won't be the only one experiencing withdrawal. (The more Olicity scenes, the better!)

Images: Cate Cameron/The CW; Stephen Amell/Instagram; dylanbemybatman/Tumblr; atom1cflea/Tumblr; Giphy (2); thecwarrow/Tumblr