Khloe Kardashian Wears Naked Wardrobe Dress That's Actually Affordable (Like, Really Affordable)

Khloé Kardashian’s been into wearing all-black-everything lately, like when she recently attended a Clippers game with sister Kendall. Yesterday, Khloé Kardashian wore a super affordable Naked Wardrobe dress (yes, it was black) out and about in L.A., and I want her look, now. Good news? I can have it — and so can you! Black dresses just like Khloé’s for all! Why? Because this dress is affordable — and not like $200 dollars affordable, either. The reality star only paid $42 for it, and now it’s on sale for $28.

Umm, yeah. You can close your mouth, now! It’s weird to have sticker shock at such a low price, right? Who knew a Kardashian would wear something that we can all afford? Not only is this black dress Khloé-approved and “super comfy and sexy,” but Naked Wardrobe's entire brand appears to be Kardashian-esque. I can literally picture them wearing all of the pieces on that website. And yes, it’s all affordable.

I mean is this the best news ever, or what? Take a look at the dress that Khloé wore, and then see more of Naked Wardrobe's perfect-for-a-Kardashian pieces. But be warned — you’re going to want to buy them all.

Khloé's Look:

Buy her dress:


Now, more from Naked Wardrobe, so you can channel your inner Kardashian:

A Totally Kim Denim Skirt:


Couldn't you see Kim wearing this entire look? And is it just me, or does this model kind of look like her?

The Perfect Khloé Dress:


I hope that Khloé makes this her next purchase from Naked Wardrobe. It's so her!

A Little Black Romper For Kourtney:


I could so see Kourtney in something like this. Cute and comfy, perfect for her life with three kids!

Shop these looks and more at Naked Wardrobe's website.

Images: Naked Wardrobe(4)