This Is Probably The Best Thing You'll See All Day

First things first: Before we get in to, like, the greatest clip you've ever seen in your life, you should know all about a brilliant project called Too Many Cooks that was making the rounds a while back. If you're unfamiliar, it was basically a short comedy film that aired on Adult Swim like clockwork at 4 AM all throughout October 2014. It became a viral sensation and spawned a whole ton of spoofs. Now, a few months later, Orphan Black just got its own Too Many Cooks spoof called Too Many Clones that any member of the Clone Club will want to watch on replay.

The whole point of Too Many Cooks was to play on the ridiculously overcrowded casts of TV sitcoms — so, as any Orphan Black fan will know, there is no one better to take on this viral hit than Sarah. Or... no, wait, Alison. No, Helena! Eh, it doesn't matter. All these ladies are played by Ms. Tatiana Maslany, anyway.

So, what happens in the Too Many Clones parody? In short, Maslany takes on even more roles. For instance, did you know that Maslany also plays Pupok, the scorpion who drives Helena wild? What about how she plays the roles of Test Tube, Glass of Wine and Gun? I knew Maslany was a versatile actor, but she truly transforms for these parts. She gets inside the mind of the cell phone from Season 1, she understands the motivations behind Rudy's hair flip, and she has mastered the fine art of emulating Delphine's curly locks.

Watch and be amazed!

Much like the virality of Too Many Cooks, Orphan Black became a worldwide hit, garnering a massive following. These two are a match-up made in heaven.

Orphan Black is currently on its third season, as Sarah, Alison, Helena, Cosima, Rachel and the rest of the clones run into even more drama. The series, which features Maslany in the roles of each clone, was recently renewed for a fourth season to air with 10 episodes in 2016. The Season 3 premiere garnered 1.1 million viewers on BBC America, which is nothing to scoff at.

Image: BBC America