These Minimal Line And Dot Tattoos Are So Exquisitely Simple — PHOTOS

I've always said micro tattoos are the gateway drug to more ink, but I'm officially changing my assertion: Minimalist tattoos are both way less annoyingly artsy than I thought they'd be and will give you ink fever in a heartbeat, particularly these line and dot tattoos from Bicem Sinik. It just goes to show that you can get as creative as you want with your minimalist tat. You can even make it a white ink tattoo and still have the entire concept revolve around dots and lines. It's actually brilliant.

The dots and lines in Sinik's work intersect beautifully, making the tattoos pop in almost a 3D kinda way. It's like Harry Potter in IMAX, except not. The designs can be as simplistic as it gets, or the idea can be complex and intricate, but still end up looking clean and bare. The lines are thin and precise, and the entire style leaves little room for error.

It really is a great style for a starter tattoo, especially because it leaves room to go big or get a tattoo that's tiny and easily hidden. They've used the lines and dots for predictable patterns (solar systems, arrows, etc.), and more out there ideas like detailed animals and personalized origami symbols. One of the tats is just a whisk. As in, what you use to stir baked ingredients in. (I'm REALLY trying to go to their house and raid their cupcake stash.)

Here are some of the most beautifully symmetrical tattoos you've ever seen:


My OCD mind is so pleased with this symmetry.

Aforementioned Whisk

Not sure if the purpose of this tattoo is to make him/her want cake every single hour of every day, but I assume so.


Much lines. Much dots. Much lines and dots.

Love Kills

OPTIMISM. And... is that an iPhone?


Not seeing the dots, but the lines coming together to form these leaves is pretty perfect.

The Eye

3D, minus the glasses. #IMAXTattoo


Currently learning that side stomach envy is a very real thing.


ShineBrightLikeADiamond (dot Tumblr dot com)


This is actually how they should be teaching kids geometry.

Image: Bicem Sinik/Instagram