These Minimalist Tattoos Are Pretty Enough To Make Anyone Want To Get Inked – PHOTOS

I almost always advise people against getting tattoos, especially if it's their first one (heavily tattooed people know what they're doing). But these pretty, minimalist tattoos by Seoeon Tattoos have changed my mind about that. Delicate, artful and unobtrusive, these are nothing like the giant vintage sailor tats or ugly barbed wire and back-of-the-neck barcodes one might automatically imagine when thinking of tattoos. Seoeon Tattoos are so discreet, in fact, you could have one that could go unnoticed to the untrained eye. Seoeon proves that adage, "everything in moderation". Even body art.

From teeny, tiny triangles and moons to shaded prisms, the South Korean tattoo artist's designs become part of the landscape of the wearers skin. There are even beloved pets (corgis and cats) memorialized in black-and-white, shrouded in wreaths, and somehow it's still delightfully un-cringeworthy (and I'm just putting this out there: Taylor Swift, if you're reading this, I have 3 words for you: Olivia Benson tattoo). Quite simply, they're tattoos of good taste. It helps that the images are both whimsical and design oriented, which makes them cute but still adult. Now, I don't think I'll be in South Korea any time soon, but I am definietely in some sort of Internet hole with Seoeon Tattoo's Instagram page, and if you dare to click, you probably will be too. Check out some of my favorites below.

Images: seoeontattoos/Instagram