"Not Go Guilty Pleasures" Nail Decals By Sara M. Lyons Let You Wear Your Love Of Netflix On Your Fingertips

If Netflix, Starbucks Frappucinos, and reality TV are all bae in your eyes, well, I have just the thing for you. Sara M. Lyons' "Not So Guilty Pleasures" nail decal set, available at the online shop Emerging Thoughts, features adorable illustrations of everything from Lindsay Lohan to a 7-Eleven Slushie. The pitch perfect title of the set reminds us that we don't need to apologize for the things we enjoy, even if others may criticize them for being "basic."

Lyons' drawing style is extremely distinctive and she manages to make even Spencer Pratt look nail art-worthy in this collection of 30 decals, which is currently on pre-order (the first sets will ship out on May 15th). The artist has lent her design talents to Emerging Thoughts before, in a series of television and music-inspired decals, many of which are still for sale on the site. I recommend scooping up some Stevie Nicks and/or Broad City ones before you miss your chance.

Lyons is releasing another new package of nail art called "Heartthrobs and Hunks" that also ships out this week, which I'm actually ordering you to go buy because it only costs $10 and literally puts Benedict Cumberbatch, Ryan Gosling, and Zayn Malik (among others) in the palm of your hand.

Here are both new sets in all their glory:

Run, don't walk (or, OK, click as fast as you possibly can) over to Emerging Thoughts to snag them both, and check out Sara M Lyons' website for more totally rad artwork.

Images: saramlyons/Instagram, Emerging Thoughts