Two-Year-Old Michael Rangamiz Is Harry Styles' Mini-Me, Plus 5 Times He Channeled The One Direction Singer's Style Perfectly

My crush on Harry Styles has been somewhat inappropriate. I mean, he's so young that it was borderline illegal for a while (thankfully, he's finally 21, phew). But if you thought Harry was young, just wait until you see this little heartbreaker. Tiny fashion blogger Michael Rangamiz is basically Harry Styles' mini-me, and it really couldn't be any cuter. (Well, maybe it could, if we got a picture of the two of them together!)

Michael Rangamiz is two years old, and bears an adorable resemblance to the One Direction singer. With long, shaggy hair and a boyish grin, Rangamiz is definitely the pint size version of the British superstar. But it goes beyond his facial features. With the help of his mom, who manages his Instagram account, Michael channels several of Harry's style (no pun intended) moments. The tot rocks everything from the iconic man bun (or is it a boy bun in his case?), to skull scarves, to aviator sunglasses, and even his infamous head wraps. It's a bitty version of Harry, and that's totally fine by me, because let's be honest — there can never be enough Harry Styles in this world. So let's take a look at 5 times Michael effortlessly channeled Harry.

1. Button down & sunglasses

Off-duty cool. (Complete with iPhone.)

2. Aviator jacket


3. The boots

It's so cute, you almost can't stare directly at it.

4. Headwraps

Those. Smiles.

5. The man bun.

Enough said.

Images: Getty Images; michaelrangamiz/Instagram