Jennifer Lawrence Is The Face Of Dior Addict, And Looks Totally Stunning In The New Campaign

Jennifer Lawrence’s long-term contract with Dior has opened up a variety of different opportunities such as becoming co-chair of the Met Gala on top of being the face of various Dior campaigns. Now, Jennifer Lawrence is the face of Dior Addict, Dior’s latest makeup campaign. She has signed a new contract specifically for Dior Addict and because of this contract, we’ll be seeing a lot more of J. Law in print ads and even TV commercials. Yay!

Jennifer Lawrence is always rocking a subtle makeup look, which is why she’s the perfect poster child, er...woman for Dior Addict. This lipstick campaign is going for the no-makeup makeup look with a lot of neutrals and nudes and a hint of youthful blush in order to achieve that effortless “I (Sort Of) Woke Up Like This" glow.

Earlier today, a photo of Lawrence from the campaign was released. In the ad, her face is made up with light makeup and blush pink lips. The color that she’s wearing in the campaign is just one of the 44 different shades that Dior Addict is going to release. The line of lipsticks will be dropping on September 1 this year — just in time for fall.

Be sure to get ample use out of all your bold and bright neon colors this summer because Dior Addict will easily replace your summer lipsticks this coming fall. I’m sure Kylie Jenner will be anxiously waiting for this line to drop.