Jeb Bush Says "Take A Chill Pill" & 5 Other Times Politicians Acted Like Your Awkward Parents

In an interview with Fox News' Megyn Kelly on Monday night, Jeb Bush reminded the press that, along with their reporter's notes, they should keep some good old-fashioned reminders from their parents close at hand. "I think everyone needs to take a chill pill on the polls," Bush said. In his expression of frustration with the media and their fascination with the GOP front-runner, Bush takes us back to the 1990s and all the weird phrases our parents used to get us to stop kicking their chair from the backseat.

Many politicians are parents, too, and sometimes their parenting moments sneak out into the public sphere. In her 2011 book Bossy Pants, Tina Fey wrote about the 2008 election season, when Sarah Palin was a guest on a Saturday Night Live sketch with Fey, Palin's impersonator. Fey had her daughter, Alice, backstage, and when she saw Palin on the monitor, Alice pointed animatedly and confused Palin for her own mother. "She's confused," Fey says Palin joked to her. She noted a shared moment with Palin and was reminded that the vice presidential candidate was more than just a politician who pronounced "Todd" in a manner that Fey could never master. Palin was a fumbling parent, too — just trying to do her best.

And now, in 2016, we've got a whole new cast of politicians who are sure to act like your parents by bringing back phrases like "take a chill pill" or using social media in ways that embarrass you. And there are a few facepalm-parent gems from leaders of the past, too. Whether inside 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue or on the road toward it, politicians are all just embarrassing parents.

Ted Cruz

In an impassioned speech about the dangers of the Obama foreign policy earlier this year, Republican candidate Ted Cruz built up his excitement when he shouted, "The whole world is on fire." In turn, a 3-year-old in the audience asked, "The world is on fire?" "Yes," Cruz replied. "Your world is on fire." Then the little girl is terrified, naturally. Cruz, like a dad who gets a little carried away, attempts to save the situation and says, "But you know what — your mommy's here, and everyone's here to make sure the world is even better." The little girl's mother has spoken out about the incident and said that Cruz did not make her daughter cry. Even still. Take a chill pill, Ted.

George W. Bush

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Now let's take a look at that one time former President George W. Bush probably had too much time on his hands, just like any empty nester parent who's looking for a hobby that freaks out their kids. Bush, whose paintings were installed in their own exhibit last year, according to The Huffington Post, has painted his own self-portrait — in which he's standing in the showerdogs, Putin, the works. Just name it, and he'll paint some shapes on a canvas. Nothing like a retired-life hobby.

Rand Paul

On Valentine's Day, Republican candidate Rand Paul tweeted the link to Hillary Clinton's faux Pinterest board, proving that he knows how to use all of the social media. There's nothing we want to see more than our parents using Twitter to get back at their opponents. Insert slow clap here. He also tweeted Clinton's fake to-do list, after the Clinton campaign released a real to-do list for the 2016 campaign.

Hillary Clinton

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One classic photo, of Clinton in her First Lady years, brought her parenting moments to the forefront of the public scene. When, Chelsea Clinton, dressed for her father's second inauguration, opened her coat to reveal what Clinton deemed a skirt inappropriate for the occasion, photographer Diana Walker, who also took the famous "Texts from Hillary" photo, snapped a shot of the two in a mother-daughter face-off. Mom, let her wear what she wants. She'll just change out of your approved outfit in the bathroom anyway.

Barack Obama

The classic #unimpressed children of our generation. This is more about a reaction to a parent than it is about the parent himself, but seriously, Dad, like, "nah," we don't want to pet the turkey named Cheese, Sasha and Malia were clearly telling their father, President Obama.

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