20 Magical Harry Potter Earrings All True Fans Need To Buy Now

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Being a Harry Potter fan isn't just about reading the books or enjoying the movies — once you enter the magical world of Hogwarts and Harry, you basically start to live and breathe HP. That means that showing your love in all different ways is totally acceptable and encouraged, which is why there are so many amazing HP accessories out there. Take, for example, the treasure trove of options on Etsy, including these wonderful Harry Potter earrings.

Whether you love Hermione, Ron, Luna Lovegood, the magic spells in the book, the adorable animals, the exotic potions, or even the Dark Lord himself, there is something for everyone. And really, what is a more fun way to show off your Harry Potter love than with some cute earrings? They can be worn with everything, and they're not too flashy or obvious while still making a statement. Get your credit cards ready: Here are 20 magical Harry Potter earrings all fans need now.

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