20 Magical Harry Potter Earrings All True Fans Need To Buy Now

Being a Harry Potter fan isn't just about reading the books or enjoying the movies — once you enter the magical world of Hogwarts and Harry, you basically start to live and breathe HP. That means that showing your love in all different ways is totally acceptable and encouraged, which is why there are so many amazing HP accessories out there. Take, for example, the treasure trove of options on Etsy, including these wonderful Harry Potter earrings.

Whether you love Hermione, Ron, Luna Lovegood, the magic spells in the book, the adorable animals, the exotic potions, or even the Dark Lord himself, there is something for everyone. And really, what is a more fun way to show off your Harry Potter love than with some cute earrings? They can be worn with everything, and they're not too flashy or obvious while still making a statement. Get your credit cards ready: Here are 20 magical Harry Potter earrings all fans need now.

Deathly Hollows Earrings

Deathly Hollows Earrings, $14, Etsy

The Deathly Hollows symbol might be a little overplayed by now, but you can’t deny it’s whimsical charm, especially in black and white.

Scar Earrings

Harry’s Scar Earrings, $13, Etsy

People who aren’t into Harry Potter will just think you’re wearing lightening bolt earrings. True fans will recognize these as the shape of Harry Potter’s famous scar.

Voldemort Earrings

Voldemort Earrings, $10, Etsy

Are you a fan of the dark side? Go for these Voldemort earrings, which manage to be fun, cute, and creepy all at once.

Glasses Earrings

Harry Potter Glasses Earrings, $8, Etsy

Wear Harry’s famous round glasses AND his scar all in one cute little earring, and show off your fandom in the most obvious way.

Sorting Hat Earrings

Sorting Hat Earrings, $17, Etsy

While to the untrained eye, it might seem like you’re just sporting some witch hat earrings, real fans will know that you’re showing off the Sorting Hat.

Hogwarts Crest Earrings

Hogwarts Crest Earrings, $12, Etsy

You’re basically an honorary Hogwarts student as long as you’re wearing the crest on your ears.

Slytherin Earrings

Slytherin Snake Earrings, $12, Etsy

There are four types of people in this world: Gryffindors, Ravenclaws, Hufflepuffs, and Slytherins. If you’re a Slytherin, you need these green snake earrings.

Expecto Patronum Earrings

Expecto Patronum Earrings, $32, Etsy

Wear one of the coolest and most powerful spells from Harry Potter’s world in the form of these earrings. At first glance, they’re just simple gold bars, but up close, you can see how awesome they are.

Time Turner Earrings

Time Turner Earrings, $5, Etsy

The Time Turner is by far one of the most mysterious parts of Harry Potter. These earrings are beautiful and so, so cool. And for only five bucks? How can you go wrong?!

Elixir Of Life Earrings

Elixir of Life Earrings, $11, Etsy

This Etsy user makes a bunch of Harry Potter-themed earrings based on magical potions, but this pretty one is probably my favorite.

Gryffindor Sword Earrings

Gryffindor Sword Earrings, $8, Etsy

If you know anything about Harry Potter, then you know how epic and magical Godric Gryffindor’s sword is. What could be better to wear on your ears?

Hedwig Earrings

Hedwig Earrings, $14, Etsy

Hedwig lives on in the form of these adorable earrings. Cutest things ever!

Golden Snitch Earrings

The Golden Snitch Earrings, $15, Etsy

The Golden Snitch played such an important role in Harry’s life at Hogwarts - and it makes for a really pretty pair of earrings.

Mischief Managed Earrings

Mischief Managed Earrings, $5, Etsy

Troublemakers, these studs are for you. Let the world know that you’ve got an evil side with these earrings.

Hogwarts Earrings

Hogwarts Earrings, $7, Etsy

How does the Hogwarts castle still manage to look this majestic, even in tiny earring form?

Always Earrings

Always Earrings, $8, Etsy

If the “always” moment from Harry Potter gets you every time (I swear, there’s just something in my eye), these earrings are for you.

Luna Lovegood Earrings

Radish Earrings, $25, Etsy

If Luna Lovegood is more your style, go for these wacky radish earrings.

Snake Earrings

Snake Earrings, $20, Etsy

Snakes are obviously a huge part of Harry Potter. It doesn’t hurt that these glittery earrings are also totally glam.

Patronus Earrings

Patronus Earrings, $15, Etsy

These may seem like just a pair of deer earrings, but Harry Potter fans know they mean so much more. Snape and Lily! My heart is breaking all over again!

Mandrake Earrings

Mandrake Earrings, $20, Etsy

Go for something really fun that will definitely stand out. These Mandrake earrings are perfect for that!