Zac Efron Is Officially Coming To Twitter

So, you know that guy you've been following on Twitter this whole time, under the handle @ZacEfron? You know how you may have thought it was actor and occasional cliff rappel-er, Zac Efron? Welp, guess what: IT WASN'T. At least... it wasn't until Tuesday, anyway. On his Twitter page (which has been active since February 2012, but, apparently, not run by Efron himself), Zac Efron announced he'll be taking over his Twitter and social media accounts. The announcement included a simple photo of Efron in some kind of wilderness setting, along with the simple caption, "Taking over my social. Get ready."

ZAC, I WAS BORN READY. But, I will also understand if he's a bit shaky at this whole, newfangled Twitter thing when he first begins his role as the sole owner of his account. Social media can be a difficult beast to wrangle when you're a newbie, and it would be completely understandable — expected, even — if it took him some time to really get the hang of being the awesome Twitter personality I know he can be. So, in anticipation (and also because I'm too stoked about Efron finally taking over his own Twitter and need to share my excitement with the masses), here are a few Do's and Don'ts for Efron, as he prepares to conquer Twitter, and, basically, the world.

(But mostly just Twitter.)

DO: Share helpful tips with your fans

Take Blake Lively's Instagram, for instance: In addition to bright colors and hilarious poses, Lively also took the time to share some helpful tips about how to smile when you're completely and utterly afraid for your life. Personally, this is an arena I needed assistance with, so Lively's tips were welcome and much-needed!

DON'T: Just tweet promotional material for your upcoming films

Obviously, some of this is expected — after all, part of Twitter is about self-promotion, especially when you're a celebrity. But, what sets apart the Twitters that are run by celebrities and the Twitters that are run by PR teams are the celebrities' voice evident in every tweet.

DO: Follow Anna Kendrick.

Zac, I can see you're not already following her, so just do yourself a solid and click "Follow" on her page already! Your life will be so much better for it, because, honestly, she's just the best. Here's a link to make it even easier for you.

DON'T: Never tweet

Look, I love me some Beyoncé, but I have to say it: She never tweets, and it makes me sadder than I am about the fact that Mad Men is ending. See that above tweet, for instance? See how it's dated August 19, 2013? That was the last time she tweeted. I mean, I obviously say it with love — if she doesn't want to tweet, she shouldn't, and at least her most recent tweet is a great one — but still, the more Twitter presence, the better!

DO: Share more Robert De Niro impressions, because Neighbors was not enough

If Dave Franco wants to make guest appearances in these tweets, that'd be cool, too.

DON'T: Tweet photos of food that is not "on fleek"

This is more of an Instagram thing, but it's worth mentioning: If the food does not look good with a million filters over it, it doesn't look good without them.

DO: Have fun

I know this is sort of a cheesy note to end on, but it's true: Social media is about having fun, as well as sharing your thoughts with the world. (And, also, posting funny text message conversations with your equally famous friends.)