'Finding Carter's Lori Is Still Contacting Carter

Another week, another reminder that, just because Lori is in a correctional facility, doesn't mean we're through with her on Finding Carter Season 2. On Tuesday's episode, "Something to Talk About," revealed that Lori is writing Carter letters on Finding Carter because, as always, there's always more to Lori's story. And, unsurprisingly, her abducted daughter is falling for every last piece of Lori's manipulation except this time, Carter's taking Taylor with her. So, what's in all of those letters Lori's writing Carter and, considering how insistent she was on Taylor also knowing the truth, why isn't Lori contacting her too?

When we last left off with Lori, it seemed like Carter had finally realized exactly what she was dealing with here and got Lori the help she needed. But, while I wasn't entirely certain then that Lori was truly as unstable as she appeared, I never doubted for a second that we'd seen the last of her. Lori's famous last words will probably be, "But there's more," considering how often she has yet another piece of her story to share. So, why wouldn't she be writing Carter letters? At the beginning, her ploy to get Carter to help her get out of prison was just a way to get Carter close enough and emotionally invested enough to be manipulated again.

The issue with these letters, however, isn't that we don't know what Lori's writing (not even Carter knows — they appeared to be unopened), it's that Carter is afraid to open them. Carter being worried about reading whatever Lori has to say is a clear sign that, when she does read the letters, Carter's headed straight back into Lori's game. But, at the end of Tuesday's episode, Carter seemed to be preparing to take Taylor with her. Maybe it'll be a matter of closure — it certainly seems like it will be that way for Taylor, who's gone totally off the rails after learning that Lori is her biological mother — but it seems more like Lori and Carter meeting again will kick off a whole new saga in this story.

Personally, I think Taylor will be worse off if she sees the madness that is Lori's existence up close. But it's a dangerous thing for Carter to be holding onto those letters and, with Taylor being so stressed as it is, it's only going to mess things up more for Carter to bring the three of them back together for another chat.

Image: screengrab/MTV