Heidi Klum Has Underwear Advice...For Dudes!

Heidi Klum was an intimates model forever as a Victoria's Secret Angel. So she knows a thing or two (or 15) about lingerie and undies. But Heidi Klum's underwear advice for men is actually quite...useful. Seriously! She has a good point.

Clearly Klum remains so entrenched in the undergarments category because she spent so much of her runway career modeling the stuff.

Klum has a branded line of men's undies that retails in Australia and New Zealand. The range is colorful and fun, and it's called HK Man. The collection is full of fitted briefs, boxer briefs, sporty trunks that hug his junk, and G-strings, which she told WWD are selling well. "Like hotcakes" was the phrase she used, actually.

The good news, for those who care about such matters, is that Klum is gunning for the U.S. and hopes to sell the men's undies here.

What is her advice for gentleman about their underwear? It is simple and effective.

Don't be boring. Don't be basic. And for God's sake, put at least a little thought into it, guys!

Klum told WWD, "I like it when there’s a surprise. When they take off their pants, a woman wants to see some color, not just basic white." You hear that, boys? No tighty whities, as per Heidi Klum.


Since whomever you are being intimate with, be it a boy or a girl, sees your undies as you get undressed to do the deed, having a pair of well-thought-out undies might be a good idea. It's not that hard. No pun, guys. No pun.

Guys (or girls or guys shopping for guys), these are five of the best HK Man offerings for such endeavors. So order them online or buy something similar at your fave department store!

1. Earn Your Stripes

Thin, white, and vertical stripes on a black brief base add a nice little surprise if you aren't quite ready to go with bright red or blue.

2. Bring Me The Horizon

These thick, horizontal stripes are pretty sexy and unexpected.

3. You Look So Good In Blue

If you can handle a bold splash of color along with stripes, well, these blue babies with a trunk cut are pretty swanky.

4. Dare To Bare In A Thong

Hey now! A thong? For a dude? You gotta be daring to bare this way. I realize dental floss undies won't be a popular choice.

5. Prints Fit For A Prince

This print almost looks beach-ready and swimsuit-ish. If you have confidence, wear these.

Oh, and Klum also told WWD that on her rad body, she likes "low-plunging, not too much push-up. I like to show some skin — less fabric. I do wear low-cut tops. I like to show cleavage."

She knows what she likes on her and on you!

Images: HK Man (5); Getty (1)