Women Debate Whether Or Not Size Matters

by Kat George

It's a question as old as time itself. It's one that we've asked ourselves over and over again, changing our minds and changing them back again and never quite finding a resolution. In this video, women debate whether penis size matters, and their responses are as varied as the penises they're assessing. While the video is 100% heteronormative (no gay men are asked to give comment on their opinion on size, which must be of equal importance as it is to straight women), it's still interesting to see the opinions of women at all ages and of all races, who seem to come from different walks of life. It's the one question that binds all of us penis lovers together, and one that we may never agree on an answer for, although we'll be damned if we don't try.

There doesn't seem to be a formula of age or race or style that affects the way a woman responds to penis size. The answers the women give don't seem to represent any discernible pattern, with women going either way at any age. I do, however, appreciate the honesty of saying that size DOES matter, because context is everything. For instance, as a tiny 5-foot lady, I most certainly do not want a giant arm-sized penis coming my way. But then of course there are some women who can think of nothing finer, proving (because do we seriously still not understand this by now?) once again that the goal shouldn't be to aspire to some single ideal of perfection, but rather to find someone whose idea of perfect is exactly what you are. Compatibility > homogeneity.

Meanwhile, the most diplomatic answer came from this lady:

Watch all the women answer below:

Overwhelmingly, however, size seems to be more of an issue for men than it is for women.

Most women (and men, so let's say humans), I assume, will try and work around their preference on something like this for someone they really love/connect with.

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