Americans Try Russian Food For The First Time

I consider myself a daredevil foodie in the sense that I am addicted to cheese and have stretched the five-second rule considerably on more than a few occasions. Other than that, I have not ventured too far out of my nutritional shell. Why bother, though? It looks like these Americans trying Russian food for the first time already have the adventuring covered, so I might as well just eat my grilled cheese into an early grave.

In the BuzzFeed video, Americans try a sampling of some really bizarre Russian foods that are sure to pique anybody's taste buds with curiosity. Although we can't taste what they're tasting, we really don't have to in order to get a sense for it. Their reactions are some preschooler-at-the-dinner-table levels of sass, and once you see some of the bizarre ingredients coupled together in these foods, I guess you can't really blame them.

I gotta say, after watching this video, I have a few questions for Russia. Where even did some of these food combos come from? Never mind what they taste like—who woke up in bed one night and was like, "YES! LET'S PICKLE A TOMATO! You're welcome, fellow Russians" and let it come to this? The world may never know. What we do know, however, is that we as Americans are ill-equipped to handle it.

Here are a few of the foods that these brave human souls attempted to consume:

Herring Under Fur Coat


Meat Gelatin


Raw Pig Fat


Russia, what is going on with you and meat?? I can't tell if it's the American in me bullheadedly wanting to spread my knowledge of hamburgers around the world, or the human in me that just thinks most of this is so, so wrong. In any case, it did make for a few great laughs. Here's the video in full:

Images: YouTube(7)