Alfred Enoch Says Matthew Lewis Was Secretly Attractive All Along, So Hot Neville Wasn't A Surprise, Whaaat?!

It's been 14 years since Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone was released. If you go back and watch the first movie, it's crazy to see how much the entire cast has grown up and changed. One particular character who's changed dramatically is Matthew Lewis, aka Neville Longbottom. Throughout each film, fans watched Lewis go from cute little boy to awkward teen to nerdy man. Now, Lewis is one extremely attractive guy who everyone can't help but discuss. Guess what? A fellow Harry Potter star is doing the very same thing. Dean Thomas — I mean, Alfred Enoch says Matthew Lewis should be "celebrated" for his beauty.

Never have I agreed with someone more. While chatting with People, the How to Get Away with Murder star opened up about how Lewis has actually been attractive his entire life, but people are now only recognizing the actor's gorgeousness. Enoch said,

Matt Lewis has been a very good-looking guy for a little while now. I mean, he had to wear fake teeth, and he had to wear a fat suit. They gave him haircuts that he was really upset with. So, that was sort of a ploy to hide his greater beauty from the world.

Stop everything. So... the magic of movies has been fooling us all along? First, let me say, as an avid supporter of drooling over the beautiful (inside and out) man that is Lewis, let us remember that we shouldn't judge someone based on their appearance. What's inside matters, too. With that said, it's hard not to gush about him, because his transformation as young to Neville to hunky Lewis is astonishing — even if makeup and wardrobe made him look different than his normal self.

For Enoch, he's always known Lewis to be an attractive guy. He said,

Like the sun emerges from behind the clouds, I knew it, it wasn't surprising. It was just like dressing someone down, and then they start looking a bit cooler. It's like the teen-movie thing — "She couldn't possibly be the most good-looking person in the film." Of course she can — she's wearing glasses and is a bit artsy!

And now for the most important part of Enoch's interview, he said, "I'm happy. He's an attractive man and should be celebrated!" Agreed, Alfred. Agreed. And let's celebrate Enoch too, because his attractiveness is something to be happy about, also.

Images: maliastate/Tumblr