What Did Yolanda Foster Do Before 'Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills'? A Little Bit Of Everthing

Yolanda Foster is definitely one of the most interesting people in the entire Real Housewives franchise, and being on the show did not make her who she is today. Yolanda Foster of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is my personal favorite Housewife and had an extremely interesting life before she was cast. And, of course, this is why it makes sense that Bravo hired her in the first place.

As you can tell from her accent, Yolanda is definitely not from California. In fact, she has a pretty international past. She has lived all over the world and has had plenty of different careers. There is no doubt that Yolanda Foster is someone who has lived life to the fullest. You can just tell from all of the nonjudgmental wisdom that she imparts on her fellow Real Housewives when they are in need.

So what was Yolanda Foster up to before she joined the cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? I cannot help having a little curiosity. What was she like before she was married? What was she doing for a living? Where did she live? There are so many unanswered questions about Yolanda Foster. She has alluded to her fabulous pre-RHOBH life on the show, in a non-bragging way of course, but we haven't gotten that many details. It's time we learn more!

Young Life

If you watched this season of RHOBH, you'll remember the explosive trip the women took to Amsterdam. Well, they didn't actually go there with the intent of arguing and throwing wine glasses. They actually went there with Yolanda to explore her Dutch heritage. Foster was born in Holland in 1964 in a really small town called Papendrecht. When she was only seven years old her father died in a car accident, leaving her mother to raise Yolanda and her brother alone.

Horse Lover

After her father's death, Yolanda developed in an interest in horses and went to "Pony Camp." She fell in love with riding and got really into taking care of and cleaning the horses. This served as a great outlet for her. She wanted to be a professional equestrian until she realized that it would cost her a great deal of money to continue with the sport. As a result, she became a dish washer at a local Chinese restaurant when she was 13 to earn some money. She worked as hard as she could to make her dreams come true. Nothing was going to stop her.

Accidental Model

Yolanda used to do a friend's hair who was modeling for a Dutch designer. Then another model dropped out of the show and the designer asked Yolanda to serve as a substitute. On her website, Yolanda described it as going "straight from [the] barn onto the catwalk." That was the day she was discovered by modeling scouts. Before she knew it she was modeling in Paris and then began to travel all over the world.

Wife & Mother

Yolanda married her first husband, real estate developer Mohamed Hadid, in 1994. They had three children together: Gigi, Bella, and Anwar. They divorced in 2003, but have maintained a very positive friendship. In fact, it was Mohamed who introduced Yolanda to her current husband David Foster, so clearly some sort of fate was at play here.

Interior Designer

Yolanda learned a lot about design and real estate during her first marriage and this when she started working on her own as an interior designer. Which is no surprise to me considering that she has the most impeccable taste. I mean, look at her fridge.

Second Marriage

Yolanda and David Foster met in 2006 and got married on November 11, 2011 in an 11/11/11 themed ceremony. And as we can see from the show, they are the most genuinely happy couple ever. They are just so loving and supportive.

There you have it, Yolanda Foster is pretty much perfect. Not only is she beautiful and lucky in love, but she is also an exceptionally hard worker who has been through quite a lot. She is definitely the realest of all the wives.