Brandi Glanville Skips The Last Supper Of 'The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills' Amsterdam Trip & Everyone Couldn't Be Happier

You would think that the disaster that has been The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Amsterdam trip would end with nothing less than a bang. Well, it did, but not the final brawl we had all anticipated. Brandi Glanville ditched her fellow Housewives right before their final dinner in the Dutch capital in favor of a date with a 22-year-old, and no one was happier about that than her cast mates.

So why were the Housewives so eager to get rid of Brandi? Well, how could they not be? During last Tuesday night's episode, we saw Brandi slap Lisa Vanderpump as part of a very unfunny joke. Brandi tried her best to do damage control the next day by allowing a bouquet of flowers to do the apologizing, but Lisa V. was not having any of it. She basically told Brandi that she can't just apologize and act like nothing ever happened. Brandi just needs to stop doing things that she'll have to apologize for later. Period.

Yolanda Foster, bless her little Dutch heart, tried to see what was up between Lisa V. and Brandi. Lisa V. said she needed to be a bit tougher on Brandi and let her know what she does is not OK.

Yolanda did just that later on that night when she had a little chat with Brandi before the ladies' final dinner in Amsterdam. She told Brandi to cut the crap and own up to her wrongdoing. Brandi wasn't really feeling this criticism, which was the shocker of the century. Yo told her that it might be better for her and, more importantly, everyone else if she didn't attend the dinner, and Brandi agreed. She was going to have more fun on her date with a child anyway, OK, Mom?

The last meal of a vacation is always a sentimental occasion where you reminisce about the trip and mentally prepare to return to the real world. Normally, one person out of a group opting out of that final meal would be a downer.

However, the other Housewives couldn't be more ecstatic about Brandi's absence. My favorite reaction was from Eileen Davidson, who just burst out with "Yaaaaaaaay!" during a confessional after the trip. Yay indeed.

I mean, can you blame them? Brandi has been nothing but trouble during the entire Amsterdam trip, from randomly yelling about the criticism she received from her cast mates while they were in the smoke shop to calling Eileen a home wrecker to slapping Lisa V. Brandi has done nothing but cause unnecessary drama during the Housewives' entire vacation, so much so that a break from Brandi was well deserved.

Images: Nicole Weingart/Bravo; Giphy (2)