Stephen Colbert’s Tenure On ‘The Late Show’ Should Include These Reoccurring ‘Colbert Report’ Segments

Guys, I have to tell you something: I really, really miss The Colbert Report. Sure, I still watch The Daily Show and Jon Stewart is great (though we're losing him, too, so things are just going from bad to worse!), but Stephen Colbert brought a certain je ne sais quoi to Comedy Central that the network is seriously lacking now that he's gone. Of course, we'll be seeing him again soon when he takes over David Letterman's spot on The Late Show later this month, but I'm scared things won't be the same and some of the magic Colbert managed to create (and get away with!) on cable TV might not carry over. But I'm not about to give up hope just yet!

Over the years, The Colbert Report featured so many brilliant one-off segments that no one who watched and loved the show will ever forget. But it was the recurring features where the show's writers — and Colbert himself — really shined and connected with the audience. From Thought For Food to Nailed 'Em and everything inbetween, the intelligence and creativity evident in every single piece of humor on the show was in these recurring segments in spades, and I, for one, hope some of those segments can be adapted and brought with Colbert to The Late Show.

Which ones am I hoping will make a return most? I'll tell you.

The Word

Probably The Colbert Report's most popular recurring segment, The Word saw Colbert ranting about a particular topic while text is displayed on screen that featured sarcastic remarks about his verbal rant. This bit started as an homage, of sorts, to a similar segment on The O'Reilly Factor and really took off with Colbert fans. This one HAS to come to The Late Show. It just has to.

Yahweh or No Way

Some of Colbert's best bits were actually rather scathing (but always fair) commentary on religious affairs. No faith was safe from his brand of "truthiness", and Yahweh Or No Way was a hilarious look at whether certain events were the result of divine intervention or just random occurrences. This is likely far too edgy for network television, but a girl can hope.

Tip of the Hat, Wag of the Finger

I always loved Colbert when he got on his satirical moral high horse, and Tip of the Hat, Wag of the Finger gave him a chance to do just that. The extra humor in this one came from the fact that Colbert often started the segment praising a person or event, only to turn right around and say how awful it is not five seconds later. This one would be easy to adapt to late night, so keep your fingers crossed (even if that means you can't wag them).

Better Know A District

We've got an election coming up in 2016, and while The Late Show is more of an entertainment show than a political one, that doesn't mean Colbert's passion for politics can't come with him. Better Know A District introduced viewers to congressional members in smaller areas that you probably hadn't heard of before, and we were all smarter for it. Why not take it to late night? It'd need to be adapted, I'm sure, but it could work!

Thought For Food

Thought For Food saw Colbert chatting about the big food news of the day, usually in the form of calling out over-zealous creations made by fast food companies like Wendy's and Arby's. It was never mean spirited towards the consumer that might buy those products, but it took issue with the companies behind them, asking one important question: WHY? I know network TV has more sponsors to pander to, but there's gotta be a way to talk more about food on late night, right? RIGHT?!

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