6 Reasons To Have Sex With A CrossFitter

I think the more important question is why not have sex with a CrossFitter? CrossFitters are nothing if not in shape. Plus they're dedicated to the cause, have more stamina than the Energizer Bunny and are easy on the eyes. Just think you can eat pudding out of their six packs. Who needs bowls?! Not you!

With CrossFit basically taking over the entire world like the bubonic plague (but way healthier), it only makes sense that you should have sex with a CrossFit enthusiast at least once in your life. Think of it as crossing it off your bucket list like you would a trip to Bali, diving out of an airplane, or eating an entire apple pie yourself. If you want to never work again, you date an investment banker. If you want no-hassle prescriptions, you date a doctor. If you want to take your sex life from so-so to swinging from the chandeliers, dating a CrossFit cutie is the way to go. Obviously.

But in case I still haven't convinced you, I've compiled a list of perfectly legitimate reasons of why CrossFit crazies are good in bed. You can thank me later. More specifically after you’re sore the next day.

1. Their training could have sexual benefits

Let's see, CrossFitters are strong like bull, coordinated like JT, and they have stamina for days. Translate that to the bedroom! Yowza! And let's not forget physical fitness can improve blood flow, which will likely bode well in the erection department. You may not be a CrossFitter but you'll be sore for days after boning one of these hotties.

2. They have high libidos

If your libido is as active as a piece of lint, perhaps this will not be of interest to you. However if you like to screw, a CrossFitter is a natural fit. That's because CrossFitters are chock full of testosterone, which equals a desire to have sex like a rabbit. Any time you build up your muscles, you're increasing testosterone levels. Bowchickabowwow. That was porn music in case you're wondering.

3. They're confident

Anyone who can walk into some weird ass looking gym with a bunch of boxes excessively loud music and do an intimidating workout is a guy you want to know. Because confidence is sexy as hell. "I want to hit it with someone who is insecure with his body and hesitant to make a move," said nobody ever.

5. They are comfortable getting physical

CrossFitters have no problem whipping off their clothes, covered in sweat and being manhandled by their classmates. Which means they have no problem with cooties or any weird issues about being touched. Mr. or Ms. CrossFit won't have any problem doing it with the lights on, off, upside down, backwards, or any which way you want it.

6. They are all about good form

Proper form is essential when doing CrossFit. Bad form means boo-boos and injuries. And nobody likes a busted knee cap. So people who practice CrossFit are going to spend plenty of time making sure their form is on point. Or on fleek as the case may be. Imagine how that will translate to the bedroom. No longer will you have to worry about your partner giving you a half-assed visit downtown. Your CrossFitter is going make sure they have that tongue action perfect like the icing on a red velvet cupcake.

Images: David C/Flickr; Giphy (5)