This Clock Will Order You A Pizza. For Real.

Like any clock, this wacky new PizzaTime clock can tell you the time or wake you up. But what separates this magnificent little technological marvel from the riffraff that comprises the rest of the clock community? Well, friends, the PizzaTime clock can also order you pizza. Ladies and gentlemen, meet my new spirit animal.

The device was developed by technology product design and development company ArteFact as part of the Intel "Internet of Things," Roadshow, which showcases a variety of innovative and creative products that developers have built using Intel's free IoT developer kit. Students, hackers, and developers come to the IoT Roadshows to compete to see who can hack his or her developer kit into the most interesting product. Examples of inventions that have come out of the Roadshow include "The Bike Buddy," which you can attach to a bike and can keep track of the speed and elevation of your ride, and "Live Within," a piece of software that connects students around the world to a virtual classroom.

PizzaTime, though, is arguably the most important thing to have ever come out of the IoT roadshow. I mean, I can't really think of anything more valuable or useful than a clock that will let me order a pizza from Domino's as soon as I wake up with just the push of a button. Can you?

Here's the process for ordering pizza from your clock:

1. First, it's just a normal clock.

How pedestrian.

2. But then you turn the nob...

...And suddenly you're given a choice of cheese or pepperoni pizza! But that's just for demonstration purposes. When you program your own PizzaTime, you can set it up with your own two favorite kinds of pizza to choose between (hello, olive and mushroom).

3. And then you push down...

Pushing the nob down confirms that you do, in fact, want pizza and that you're not just messing around. This isn't amateur hour, it's PizzaTime.

4. And then the Best Thing In The World ™ happens:

It's PizzaTime!

5. The clock updates in real time according to Domino's pizza tracker.

So you get a new screen when your pizza goes in the oven...

...And another one when it's on its way to you (and your belly).

Someone try to tell me this isn't the best thing ever (just kidding — don't do that. I'll just be upset). Unfortunately, PizzaTime isn't for sale (yet!), but with enough praying, hopefully it will be soon.

Check out the full PizzaTime video here:

Images: rob_rob2001/Flickr; ArteFact/Vimeo (6), Giphy