11 Fat Positive Tattoos To Obsess Over

by Sarah Martindale

It is a well known fact that we live in a society that is constantly telling us that fat is always bad, unhealthy, ugly, undesirable, and whatever other troll-y things people are saying these days. There are those of us who disagree, though, and will even go as far as setting our fat pride permanently on our skin in the form of fat positive tattoos.

The reality is that we hear plenty of messages against fatness; some are almost subliminal (lack of representation, anyone?) and others are more overt. We spend our entire lives being told that thin is the only acceptable way to be — that it is automatically healthier and more beautiful. But some of us just are not meant to be thin . That doesn't mean that every fat person couldn't be thin, but it does mean that many of us would have to literally starve ourselves to do it. And guess what? Starvation is bad for you. And guess what else? Some of us actually like being fat.

So what a breath of fresh air are those who speak against this message of fat hatred, who shout from the rooftops that fat is allowed and is acceptable — that our bodies are incredible, beautiful tools that we are so lucky to have.

Many choose to express themselves in the form of tattoos, and I'm so glad they do!

1. The Fat Pinup Girl

The fat pinup is a classic emblem of body positivism, and this one even has a tattoo of her own!

2. The Fat Pinup Girl: Now With Added Cake!

What's the only thing better than a gorgeous plus-size pinup? A gorgeous plus-size pinup sitting on a giant cake. Hollie West, the artist behind this tattoo, has tons of awesome fat positive designs, which you can find on her Instagram. Enjoy!

3. Live Fat Die Yum

OK, so this one may be controversial, but to be fat positive is to know that other people's "concern for your health" is bogus. (Ever heard of "concern trolling?") It is absolutely possible to be fat and healthy and eat pizza. Ask HAES. But moreover, even if someone is not healthy, that does not excuse treating them as less-than-human.

4. Fat Mermaid

I love everything about this, as I, too, am a fat mermaid with belly rolls. This gives me joy!

5. Miss Piggy

No fat positive tattoo piece would be complete without featuring Tess Holliday's famous Miss Piggy tattoo. There are no words.

6. Fat Boy/Fat Girl

His "n" hers fat positive tattoos = most romantic thing I have ever heard of.

7. Being Fat Means More Room For Tattoos

A celebration of fatness and tattoos! What more could you want?

8. The Tattooed Lady

Everything about this is so cute, I can't take it. Just. Can't.

9. Still Beautiful

This one is a little bit of a cheat as it's not actually a real tattoo but I may have to change that.

10. Pancakes And Maple Syrup

Pancakes? Check. Maple syrup? Check. Butter? Check. Fat lady? Double check.

11. Riots Not Diets

Ursula + Fat Positive Message = Best

Images: mactoshhh, hollietoldmeto, bearded_tattooed, _l.n.r_, tessholliday, eddybom8, queenelo4, tassili88, cydney_curvedwoman_snooki69, van_core, old_lady_at_heart/Instagram