ED's Cashmere Will Cost How Much?!

In addition to reigning a comedic empire built on the fundamental principles of kindness, compassion, and laughter, Ellen Degeneres is fashioning a lifestyle brand entitled ED. The actress and comedian has long since honed her personal aesthetic, favoring slim, well-tailored suits and sneakers for her quotidian uniform, and ED's wares perfectly showcase Degeneres' sartorial — and personal — principles. Prepare yourself for a brand that promotes internal and external beauty.

Beginning with the debut of what Women's Wear Daily labels a "teaser site" entitled on May 18, Degeneres plans to release home wares and clothing that appeal to a greater consumer pool than simply the off-duty model or reality television star set. "This is nothing new to say, but I don’t think you should sacrifice style for comfort. That’s mainly the way I dress. I care about how I look and I care about aesthetic tremendously; I like nice things,” Degeneres revealed in an interview with Women's Wear Daily. And indeed, a line that is comfortable and visually pleasing is exactly what the fashion industry needs.

However, ED's plethora of products may come at a steep price. The brand's t-shirts are expected to ring in at a reasonable price range between $47 and $75, but ED's luxurious cashmere wares may cost up to $2,000. Even a jacket with ED's signature "Love" calligraphy painstakingly stitched on its interior seems too small an item for such a prohibitive price tag. Nevertheless, Degeneres has a keen eye for design, and the comedian can do no wrong when it comes to her many endeavors. If you're looking for a more mindful manner of spending $2,000 this season, Ellen Degeneres' lifestyle line may be your perfect fit.