'Pitch Perfect 2' Baddies Volkswagen Show Song

Truth time: Pitch Perfect 2's Das Sound Machine were awesome. Yes, they were the bad guys, but man, could they ever carry a tune. Whether they were facing off with the Bellas or channeling their ultra intense a cappella skills into a killer mash-up, they wowed me on and off stage. The German group left me with more than a few earworms when I exited the theater, but none were quite as enduring as their Volkswagen car show jam. The early scene gives the Bellas their first peek at their new competition in action and Das Sound Machine brings the fear. But what song was Das Sound Machine singing at the car show?

So glad you asked. The song is Muse's 2009 anti-authoritarian anthem "Uprising," and it is completely fitting since the scene basically sets up an a cappella World War III. If you have any enemies you would like to declare war with via song, "Uprising" is a perfect choice. The lyrics include these not-so welcoming lines: "They will not force us/They will stop degrading us/They will not control us/We will be victorious."

Das Sound Machine certainly wanted to leave a lasting impression on the Bellas. The film's version of the song is included on the Pitch Perfect 2 soundtrack under the moniker "Car Show." Here is the original version:

Pitch Perfect 2 is hardly the first piece of pop culture to make use of the song. You might also know "Uprising" from a bevy of trailers including ones for the cancelled Elizabeth Mitchell alien drama V and the BBC's Sherlock Season 1. "Uprising" is also a favorite at major sporting events. Hands down, Das Sound Machine makes the best use of the song so far. Given the a cappella setting, "Uprising" seems over the top, especially for a Volkswagen car show, but thanks to their 100 percent commitment to the song, Das Sound Machine is both frightening and hilarious as they give such a dramatic song everything they've got during what should be a cheerful event.

It's an aca-mazing performance that will leave "Uprising" stuck in your head for days.

Images: Universal; Giphy