9 Reasons 'Game Of Thrones' Cersei Lannister Is Definitely The Regina George Of Westeros

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been personally victimized by Cersei Lannister. If the citizens of Westeros were here, their hands would be held high in the air because Cersei Lannister is definitely the Regina George of Westeros. If Westeros was US Weekly, Cersei would be on the cover every week and even though at present, Cersei is losing her power on Game of Thrones, Regina George always finds her way back to the top. There is one queen and Cersei isn’t about to let anyone get in the way of that, even if she is just the queen regent.

Cersei has proved that even though she has been dethroned and Margaery has taken over in her role, she will not allow her son to ship her off to Casterly Rock to live out her days as an old woman. It’s not going to happen. She’s basically going to take control even if it means scheming behind the scenes to prove that she still controls everyone and everything around her, starting with the arrest of Loras Tyrell and taking on a position in the small council meetings. She will not go down without a fight.

Watch out for the queen bee, they know how to sting, which is why Cersei and Regina are basically the same person.

1. She's The Queen Bee

First and foremost, the queen bee likes her place on the top and doesn't respond kindly when people try to dethrone her. Just ask Margaery Tyrell.

2. She Only Pretends To Be On Your Side

In order to keep her little workers happy, Cersei will tell people exactly what they want to hear, kind of like Regina does to Cady when it comes to Aaron Samuels.

3. She's A Good Faker

She plays nice, but she doesn't mean it. Never take a Cersei Lannister compliment to heart, because it’s definitely not real. She does not love that brooch. It is the ugliest effing brooch she has ever seen.

4. Cersei Manipulates Absolutely Every Situation

Let’s just say if there were three-way calling in Westeros, everyone would be screwed.

5. She Cannot Handle Criticism. Like, At All.

Remember that one time Joffrey was like, “I’m asking if [father] f—ked other women when he grew tired of you” and Cersei slapped him hard across the face? OK, so she partially slapped him because her son was way out of line and he deserved it because her son was Joffrey. But also because you don’t mess with the queen.

6. It Will Take An Army To Take Her Down

If Tywin and Jaime Lannister are the “Army of Skanks” then she’s halfway down, but in order to take her out, there is going to have to be an army, and a new queen bee. Westeros isn't actually entirely unlike Girl World and in Girl World, all the fighting has to be sneaky.

7. She Will Put You In Your Place & She'll Do It Well

Don’t cross the queen bee, you won’t like the outcome. Pretty sure Margaery is going to learn a lot this season about what happens when you try to usurp the throne.

8. “She's Fabulous, But She's Evil”

I’m pretty sure Damian was talking about Cersei.

9. If There Was A Spring Fling Queen In King's Landing…

…Cersei would win. But only because no one in their right mind would dare compete with her.

Images: Macall B. Polay/HBO; Wifflegif (7); queencerxei/Tumblr