Cersei Lannister Is The Queen Of Burns

Like many characters in the Game Of Thrones world, Cersei Lannister isn't doing too great. She's lost a lot of people and a lot of power lately — and while she may not always care about the former, the latter is pretty important to her, so you've gotta know she's hurting a bit right now. (But hey, at least she still looks fabulous?) But even as Cersei tries to hold onto her power in some... ahem, unconventional ways , she hasn't lost all her skills. Like Tyrion once reminded her, she has killer cheekbones — and, no matter how how terrible her kids sometimes are (or, I guess, how terrible Joffrey used to be), she still loves them unconditionally. Plus, let's not forget: Even if she loses everything, these Cersei Lannister quotes prove she will never lose the ability to toss out a great burn and shut down a conversation like a boss bitch.

Yes, her comebacks are good, but they're obviously not as good as Tyrion's — instead, Cersei's strengths lie in her ability to burn anyone she's talking to without even lifting a finger, and shut down a conversation so fast you don't know what hit you. Like, I'm pretty sure if she and Regina George got into a conversation, Regina would be crying after about five minutes. It makes sense that this would be Cersei's strong suit — as a woman just trying to survive in the seven kingdoms full of incompetent men, one of her sharpest and most honed weapons is her sharp tongue and acerbic wit.

So, here are six times Cersei Lannister shut down a conversation like the epic person she is.

"Nobody cares what your father told you."

Speaking to Loras Tyrell in Season 3 (who would later become her betrothed), Loras starts: "My father told me..." OF COURSE, though, Cersei doesn't even let him finish before she cuts him off, and delivers that amazing line shown above.

"If you ever call me sister again, I'll have you strangled in your sleep."

Also known as, "bitch, I'm me. Who you?"

"You are as big a fool as every other man."

...but wait, it gets better as she continues: "That little worm between your legs does half your thinking." Empirically true for Tyrion, who she hurls this at, but also hilarious.

"Everyone who isn't us in an enemy."

Say this to your squad to remind yourself why you're a squad.

Oh shut up, you little fool... the gods are merciless."

"That's why they are the gods." If you're not religious, of course you can replace "gods" with "universe," to remind people that they gotta gird their loins and stay woke to the ills of the world, because no one is looking out for you. Sorry to harsh your positive vibe.

"Tears aren't a woman's only weapon... her best weapon is between her legs."

Sometimes, you just gotta play the game.

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