Sephora's Latest Business Move Is Big

In addition to expanding its offerings with cult skincare products and makeup lines, Sephora is also in the midst of a major push to China. In pursuit of the country's vast consumer population, Sephora announced its partnership with, Women's Wear Daily reports. Though Sephora already has a presence in China, the flagship website stands to bolster the company's profile significantly. The soon-to-be-revealed flagship website will include 1,200 coveted products from Sephora's list of designer brands, which the company's leaders hope will appeal to's 100 million users. If successful, Sephora's business venture will increase the value of the beauty company exponentially.

In addition to providing China's cosmetics shoppers with the products they crave, also revealed the imperative to minimize the sale of counterfeit products, the production and purchase of which has driven customer dollars away from authentic brands in the past. By giving customers an outlet in which they can purchase genuine designer beauty products, the production of fraudulent beauty products may finally decrease.

As for the lucky consumers who now have effortless, online access to their favorite brands, Sephora China Vice President Helen Zhou believes the opportunities are endless. " has more than 100 million active users and more than half of them are female. We do have a huge expectation by working with JD that we can create a win-win situation where we are enriching the assortment for cosmetics and can also harvest faster growth,” Zhou explained to Women's Wear Daily.

After all, there is nothing like the purchase of a unique perfume, a brilliant lipstick, or a soothing face mask to celebrate any occasion.