Amsterdam's Lena Library Allows Members To Borrow And Return Clothes And It's Pretty Much Genius

Four very bright entrepreneurs have created a fashion company that takes shopping consumerism to a completely new level. Amsterdam's Lena Library allows members to borrow and return clothes that range from many different designs that are both vintage and new. Yes, this means instead of borrowing books like a normal library, you can actually pick and choose whatever shirt, skirt, or pants you like and then return them for a new ensemble.

Currently operating in Amsterdam, Lena, described as The Fashion Library, charges a sign-up fee that ranges from 20 Euros and up, and allows members to skim through a bunch of hand-picked designs that leave the ultimate fashionista in wardrobe utopia. I know it sounds too good to be true, but this is actually a real thing, guys.

Their website explains:

LENA the library is the fashion apparel library of Amsterdam where you have access to a high quality collection of the finest vintage, emerging designers, durable labels and documents introduced by you, you can switch indefinitely for a fixed monthly fee. When and as often as you want. All this beauty is not only to buy but also to borrow! That is always something new in your closet and contribute to a better world.

Not only does this library fulfill all of your closet needs, but it also helps keep a sustainable system that encourages eco-friendliness and helps fight against over-consumption. And if you do feel like buying something instead of borrowing, that's totally an option, too.

As a complete bookworm, normally I'd think of the term library as a place for me to sit down and read a couple of novels from my favorite writers. But the Lena Library? This sounds almost better than a normal library — this is a place I can definitely spend as many hours in without complaining.

Take a look at some of the pieces in their catalogue:

My only question: When will Lena open up a branch in the United States?

Images: Lena Library