When Will Nick Fradiani's Album Come Out After 'Idol'? You'll Have To Wait All Summer Long

Though we'll only do this one more time, there's no shortage of excitement for an American Idol fan when a deserving contestant takes the whole thing. While we were all a little shocked to see Jax's surprise elimination, that can't lessen the excitement for Idol Season 14 winner Nick Fradiani. Of course, while we can continue to listen to his coronation song over and over... and over... and over and we can get tickets to Idols Live! to get a little more Idol magic, the question on everyone's mind is when Nick's new album will premiere. I have good news and bad news, folks.

The good news is that you can look forward to a carefree summer. No rushing to iTunes to download the album (or running to Target to get a hard copy if you're old fashioned). You can chill until at least September. Most Idol winner debut albums come out sometime between October and December — after all, these people have to get some songs written (or wait until some songs are written), learn those songs, get them produced, run through all the preliminary marketing and artwork discussions, and about a million other things before these albums can be delivered to your hot little hands (or iTunes' hot little hands).

Plus, let's think about this: The last mega successful Idol winner, Phillip Phillips, released his album in November. Sure, a lot of unsuccessful Idol winners have done the same, but take a journey with me for just a moment. Phillips' album didn't come out right at the start of the Fall, so fans were forced to wait a little longer. But when the album finally came out, it was really great, just like Randy Jackson said it would be — it totally delivered on his single "Home" and Idol's promise.

It may be a painful wait, Idol fans, but just know that some things are worth waiting for. Hopefully, Nick can deliver when his time comes.

Image: Michael Becker/Fox