Are Men More Vain Than Women?

When Carly Simon wrote "You're So Vain," maybe it was about a British guy. Avaj, a Yorkshire-based men's lifestyle brand, shared with Daily Mail how, on average, men look in the mirror 23 times per day, while women clocked in at only 16. The kind of glances differ too, with men taking 23 glances to admire themselves and women taking 16 to gaze at and critique body parts they feel self-conscious about. Maybe us ladies should take a tip from selfie book author Kim Kardashian and start documenting some more body-loving moments.

The study broke down not only how long men generally spend looking in the mirror per day, but what body parts they dig most. Apparently, most Brit men dedicate a whole ten minutes a day (that's six and a half days each year) admiring their bods, with 11 percent admitting to gazing at themselves over 30 times every day. Oh, and where body parts are concerned, these men were most happy with their arms, legs, smiles, eyes, and hair. Note to self: text my man the muscle arm emoji with a bunch of little kisses.

And if you think rugged, outdoorsy men don't fall into this vain category, you're wrong. Tracey Denison, Managing Director at Avaj, explained "the trend for even those men who opt for a more rugged look ensuring they are well groomed – investing in beard care kits and the like – further reinforces this idea." Lucky for them, Shark Tank's Beardbrand Products made it to shelves.

Vanity isn't necessarily a bad thing and who doesn't benefit from a few body-positive selfies? That said, next time my male roommates tell me I'm taking too long in the bathroom, I'll yell back that at least it won't take six days.

Image Credit: Giphy