Max Checks In With Some Past 'Catfish' Favorites

Just like how Nev was flying solo without Max at the beginning of Catfish Season 4, now it's Max's turn. In Wednesday's episode, we find Max sans Nev. While these two are always better together, Max has decided to spend his time without Nev bringing us lots of important Catfish information. According to Max, MTV asked him what he wanted to do with an entire episode all to himself. If I were Max, I probably would have been like, "LET'S GO TO DISNEY WORLD, MTV!" However, Max is much more rational than that. Instead, Max decides to check in with some past Catfish couples. I guess that makes sense.

It also appears as if these little check-ins are completely spontaneous, and some of these past Catfishes have not been told that this is happening. Real or not real? Eh, doesn't matter either way, because watching everyone squirm in front of Max is worth the price of admission. According to Max, some of the check-ins also have to happen over Skype, because MTV doesn't want to pay for him to travel all over the place. Understandable. I could listen to Max complain all day.

So with his own Catfish camera crew at the ready, Max starts his jet-setting and video-chatting adventure to catch up with some Catfishes from the past. So who exactly does he catch up with?

Dani & Kya, Season 1

Dani, a transgender man who we met early in his transition, has now been on steroids for about three years. He hasn't really talked to Kya in those three years, even though at the end of the episode it appeared that they were at least going to try and remain friends, if not more. But, he's doing great now, and has no regrets about his time with Kya.

Dee Pimpin And Keyonnah, Season 2

Dee Pimpin was pretending to be rapper Bow Wow, and Keyonnah was fully convinced that she was dating Bow Wow. Clearly, that's not that what was happening. Dee and Keyonnah talk a lot now, but it's strictly platonic. Also, Dee actually met Bow Wow, and he was "flattered" that she impersonated him.

Joe And Rose, Season 1

Joe thought he was talking to Miss Teen USA. Spoiler alert: he wasn't. She and Joe haven't been in contact since their episode wrapped, but at least Rose has stopped her Catfishing ways. She's even writing a book, something that Max suggests she do to channel all of her creative energy.

Ashley And Mike, Season 2

Ashley and Mike were talking for seven years before they met on Catfish. And even though Mike didn't turn out to be who Ashley expected, they stayed friends and remained very close. They talked all the time, and even took trips to visit one another. However, sadly, shortly after filming their episode, Mike suffered a pulmonary embolism and passed away. His death hit Ashley hard, and after struggling with alcohol abuse for a while, she's now clean and healthy.

Mike And Kristyn, Season 2

Kristyn was in a bad car accident, and it shook her confidence a lot. She started Catfishing others, and fell hard for Mike. Mike couldn't get past Krystyn's betrayal and they no longer speak. However, there was a silver lining to come out of Kristyn's Catfish experience. During the filming of a reunion episode in NYC, she met fellow Catfisher, Frame (Season 2). The two hit it off, exchanged numbers, and now they're best friends and Skype every day.

Jasmine And Mhissy, Season 1

Max calls Mhissy the first "Revenge Catfish" and also one of the worst Catfish. She was basically trying to deter Jasmine away from one guy, by pretending to be another guy. It got rough when the truth came out between the two of them.

Thanks to Max, he gets the two girls to talk again some two years later. They've totally buried the hatchet and realize that it's time to move on. According to the post Catfish tag, the two talk every day now.

And what does Max think about this whole, "Where Are They Now?" experience?

Images: MTV (7)