Kate Bosworth's Matisse Booties Are Nearly Identical To Toga Pulla's Buckle Boots

Kate Bosworth's recent capsule collection for Matisse was inspired by a festival girl, which is fitting considering Bosworth's love for Coachella. It only makes sense that she would design a pair of booties that are a little California, a little cowboy, much like Coachella itself. However, it looks like Bosworth's vision was more of a direct copy, considering one of Kate Bosworth's Matisse booties are nearly identical to Toga Pulla's buckle boots.

It's not like these Toga Pulla booties are obscure. While the brand itself might be relatively unknown to the general public, these buckle booties are definitely known. In fact, they have been seen on countless bloggers and celebrities, and there's a really good chance you've seen these booties on Instagram.

Toga Pulla Buckled Ankle Boots, Far Fetch

However, I would like to point out that the Toga Pulla booties also look a lot like these Chloe booties. The Toga Pulla booties are different from the Chloe booties because the Chloe booties have some studs, but they are still western-inspired buckle booties. The Kate Bosworth x Matisse "Catherine" booties are more similar to the Toga Pulla booties than the Toga Pulla booties are to the Chloe booties, but the Matisse booties are gold, rather than silver, and have a zipper, which the Toga Pulla booties lack.

The issue with clothing and accessory design is that there is no hard-and-fast rule when it comes to copyright law. And while this doesn't look great for Kate Bosworth, the likelihood that there will be a lawsuit is incredibly low. But hey, that's fashion. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, after all.

To the left is Kate Bosworth's Matisse Bootie On the right is Toga Pulla Buckle Bootie.

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Images: Matisse; Toga Pulla