A Curse Rises on 'Ravenswood'

Tonight on Ravenswood, the five cursed teens find out just how cursed they really are. (Spoiler: It's not looking too good for them.)

Poor Miranda. Dying young is a tragedy in itself, but having to attend your own burial is beyond sad. Sadder is Miranda's lack of friends and family at her own funeral. Even her creepy mortician uncle (who swipes some of her hair before closing her casket... weird) doesn't have much to say about his niece. Thankfully, Caleb relays some of his fond memories of their short-lived friendship, which makes ghost-Miranda blush.

But the duo have bigger worries than Miranda's death — like the fact that her death may be linked to a curse out to kill all of the teens in the crash. Remy finds historical facts that link the return of "saved" soldiers to the death of five Ravenswood teens. The pattern has happened six times over. Are these five teens a part of the new curse? (Umm, yes, obviously.)

Olivia and Luke learn that their father was contacting a woman named Abby months before he died. When they confront their mother, she tells them that Abby was their father's high school sweetheart, and that she died while they were still in high school. Which is fantastic, because Liv just saw a blond teen staring sadly at their father's grave. (That's right, we have yet ANOTHER ghost here in Ravenswood!) When Olivia looks at her father's yearbook, she learns another horrifying truth about Abby — Abby was part of a group of five teens who also happened to die during their time high school.

Remy, Olivia, Luke and Caleb gather to discuss their recent findings. Caleb finally tells his friends the truth about Miranda — that, while she may be dead, her spirit hasn't yet left the town. Olivia decides that a seance is the perfect way to contact her father's ex-girlfriend. Using magnets instead of the typical Ouija board, Olivia asks Abby if her father knew about the curse on the teens in the town. When the magnets reply "YES", she asks if the person responsible for the curse is out to get them. Unfortunately, this answer is also "YES"... and, to prove it, the deadly force crashes the overhead chandelier onto them.

As soon as the dust settles, the four look around. Suddenly, Miranda – previously invisible to Olivia, Luke, and Remy — shows up in a halo of light. The teens are finally reunited — even if they aren't exactly on the same spiritual plane.

What will happen now that the five cursed teens can straddle between the living and the dead? Will Miranda contact the ghost who knocked their car off of the bridge, leading to Miranda's untimely death? Will yet another Ravenswood teen fall prey to the curse?

Whatever happens, Ravenswood has proven itself once again to be a cut-above other spin-off shows (Melrose Place 2.0, looking at you). You have to love a show that can be both genuinely scary and soapy at the same time. Bravo, ABC Family... I'll definitely keep tuning in.

Image: ABC Family