15 Tattoos For Sisters That Go Above And Beyond An Infinity Symbol Or A Heart

Best friend tattoos are definitely sweet and super popular as of late (see: Sarah Hyland and Stephanie Branco’s dainty mismatched arrows), but sometimes even the strongest of friendships can sadly fade away over time. On the other hand, sisters are forever, so if you and your sibling (or even someone you consider to be a sister in your life) have been looking to ink up your relationship with a pair of gorgeous tattoos for sisters, there are endless meaningful ideas to consider.

Whether she’s your blood-related sister or not, you two have been through dark times, happy moments, and everything in-between. Despite how much you two fought and argued in the past, you two are now more than just sisters, you're the best of friends. Why not make it official with some beautiful artwork?

Perhaps you've thubmed through countless tattoo artists’ Instagram accounts and scrolled through pinboard after pinboard on Pinterest only to find great, but rather cliché tattoos for you and your sister(s). If you’re looking for some unique, but still sincere tattoos to consider, here are 15 sweet ideas that will timelessly represent your forever best friendship with your sis.

1. Favorite Throwback Video Game

Perhaps you two would always end up fighting over who got to be Princess Peach, but you guys always had fun playing it together, and it isn't the same when you play video games with anyone else.

2. Your Birthdays

You could tattoo her birthday and she could tattoo yours. No excuses for "forgetting" a gift anymore. Wink wink.

3. Big Dipper & Little Dipper

For all you stargazing sisters out there, this tattoo would be absolutely adorable.

4. Family Pets

She might've been more of a cat person and you were always a dog person, but putting differences aside creates a pretty sick tattoo.

5. Fractions

This one is great for those of you who have more than one sister.

6. A Childhood Cartoon

It might've not been your favorite cartoon from when you were younger, but you still loved it because you watched every episode with your sis.

7. Caricatures

If getting a realistic portrait of your sister's face inked on your arm forever isn't really your scene, then maybe getting a cute cartoon version of her would be better.

8. Zodiac

This one is great if you have multiple sisters because you can have a mini collage of all your zodiac signs together.

9. Comic Book

Because the Sunday morning paper always had the best comic section and you two always fought over it.

10. A Unique Symbol That Defines You Two

This one is for a pair of artsy sisters. Sketch out your guys' passions and try to integrate them into each other.

11. Favorite Animals

...Or animals that best represent you two.

12. Unconventional Mis-matching Tattoos

Know of any other cartoon sisters that you can create a symbol from?

13. Quote

It'd be cute to get the catchphrase your sister says all the time, and vice versa. It doesn't have to be some deep quote — it could be an inside joke!

14. Favorite Book

Another good idea could be to ink the title of your guys' favorite book, even in different fonts.

15. Last Initial

You can go with a fancy calligraphy initial, but minimalistic looks great too.

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