Tom Hiddleston’s ‘Crimson Peak’ Trailer Reimagined As A Romantic Comedy Makes The Movie Look So Much Funnier — VIDEO

By now it's exceedingly clear that Tom Hiddleston's Crimson Peak is downright terrifying. Like, so scary I'm debating not seeing it. (Hah, just kidding, I would never miss a Hiddleston film.) But I am a bit worried about the horror level of the film. Crimson Peak 's newest trailer showed just how creepy the movie is going to be, and I'm not prepared for it. I'd much rather see Tom Hiddleston in a romantic comedy. So, I decided to make that happen.

With some help from my super talented brother Henry, I mashed up the Crimson Peak trailer with the Failure to Launch trailer. For those of you who hasn't seen that film, it's a romantic comedy classic starring Matthew McConaughey as a guy who won't move out of his parents' house, and Sarah Jessica Parker as the woman hired to fake a romance to get him out. I felt like the trailer mashup was fitting considering the plot of Crimson Peak also centers around the characters' childhood home and a son who also won't leave it.

I love a good Hiddleston drama, don't get me wrong, but I think this new trailer is further proof that he needs to do a funny role ASAP. I need hilarious Hiddleston on my screen. But for now I'll have to settle for this decidedly less scary version of the Crimson Peak trailer.

Check it out below.

Image: Legendary