9 Ocean Inspired Jewelry Items For Every Beach Baby And Magical Mermaid This Spring/Summer

Designers are often inspired by the natural world, and some have even created jewelry inspired by the ocean and the world's glorious beaches. With mermaids proving a hot trend right now, it seems everyone is obsessed with nautical fashion and aquatic style. So what better time to give special homage to the deep seas?

Growing up by the sea, I have long since been an avid beach goer and have marveled at the unusual flotsam and jetsam I have found on my local shores. I was delighted to discover that many jewelry artisans are taking a leaf out of fashion designers' books and are creating pieces inspired by our world's wonderful seas and beaches.

This is for all you water babies out there! Dive in to ocean inspired jewelry.

The Sand Locket

Take the beach home with you in this wonderful locket. Remember days at the beach as you literally wear sand from your favorite beach, encapsulated in this pendant.

Island Necklace with Chain, $150,

The Seashell Pendant

This designer sells sea shells from the sea shore and places them inside pendants so you can always be reminded of the ocean.

Long Seashell Necklace, approx. $25,

The Lobster Claw Bracelet

You’ll never be crabby again wearing this sleek lobster claw bangle!

Sterling Silver Lobster Claw Hook Bangle Bracelet, $110,

The Classic Anchor Necklace

Keep yourself anchored and wear this traditional, nautical necklace.

Icon Brand Anchor Necklace, $27,

The Message In A Bottle

Send the right message with this whimsical necklace.

Message Bottle Necklace, $40,

The Driftwood Collar

A lovingly crafted necklace featuring wood that has been sanded by the sea.

Layered Driftwood Necklace, $150,

The Sea Glass Anklet

Wonder at this beautiful anklet and imagine where this sea glass might have been.

Multi Colored Sea Glass Anklet, $25,

The Manta Ray Pendant

Honor one of the ocean’s most elegant creatures with this bronze manta ray pendant.

Bronze Manta Ray Pendant, $140,

The Fisherman's Float

This unusual piece is comprised of a beautiful glass pendant encased in clay, which has been twisted to mimic rope. It is inspired by antique glass floats used by fishermen and has a charmingly nostalgic feel.

Fisherman’s Float - Nautical Polymer Clay Necklace With Glass Pebble, $49,