13 Videos Of Dogs Dancing On Their Back Legs

Want to start a ragin' party but don't want to cope with all the grueling human social interaction that comes with it? Have I got some good news for you. Your one-stop shop for creating the party of your ~dreams~ is now possible, because if you just invite a bunch of dogs dancing on their back legs instead of stupid boring old humans, you won't have to lie about your dating life to seem cooler than you are even once. It turns out dogs don't care about your invisible boyfriend named Miles who is taking you to see Pitch Perfect this weekend! (I fear I've said too much.)

Regardless of whether or not you plan to #partyhard this weekend, you really just deserve to watch a bunch of dogs dance. You work hard. You probably did stuff this week like shower and e-mail a person or two, and now you are the stress. I'm sure that there are a hundred bajillion ways to relax and reward yourself for a job well done, but I'm also sure that none of them will compare to the visceral joy of watching a bunch of dogs shaking their groove things. Seriously, guys, this is for your own good. Sit back and watch:

1. This dog breaking it down to the Flinstones theme song

2. This puppy who is RIDONK excited to see his owners

3. This dog who does the merengue

4. This little dude with some smooth moves

5. This pug moving and grooving

6. This dog who is getting the partayyyy started

7. This dog reinventing the wave


9. This belly-dancing pitbull

10. This dog power-dancing up the stairs

11. This ballerina pug

12. This dog freestyle dancing with his owner

13. BONUS ROUND: A bunch of dogs (and other animal friends) dancing to "Push It"

Yeah. You're welcome, internet.