7 Realizations 'Pitch Perfect's Honest Trailer Will Cause You To Have About The Movie, Like How Many Aca-Jokes They Make — VIDEO

Let me start off by saying, I love the movie Pitch Perfect, but even I can poke a little fun at it. As fans gear up for the release of the sequel (in theaters on Thursday night none-the-less), the people at Screen Junkies have cleverly shared their own take on the film with the release of their satirical video, the Honest Trailer for Pitch Perfect — and, I have to admit, it is pretty spot on. When it comes to the Barden Bellas, it is no lie that the film has a pretty big following, complete with super dedicated fans. How could it not though? The first film killed at the box office, earning $113 million worldwide, and critics are predicting an equally successful turnout for the sequel. Heck, Rebel Wilson has already said Pitch Perfect 3 is in the works.

Even so, there are still some people out there that are not necessarily behind the phenomenon that is Pitch Perfect. While they may not be haters per say, they do have a way of making fun of the movie that really gets to fans. Even though there are some things you should never say to a dedicated fan, I have to give to the people at Screen Junkies; this Honest Trailer is pretty accurate. Here are some realizations you might have after watching the trailer, but, I have to warn you, you may never look at the film the same way again.

Check it out.

Beca Literally Hates Everything

Seriously, her dad is paying for her education and she hates him for it. Hello, but have you seen the price of college loans? I would be grateful.

It's Characters Are Pretty Stereotypical

I guess this can be said with literally any movie, to be honest, but it doesn't make it right. Just like a comedy such as Mean Girls and Glee (they even make a nod to these two in the honest title at the end) that does virtually the same thing, it gets a way with it because it portrays these characters in a humorous way.

Fat Amy Doesn't Really Have To Make Fun Of Her Appearance

Seriously, Amy?

Yeah, About Those Dorm Rooms

I must say, those dorm rooms are pretty snazzy. Like, where do they go to school and how can I sign up for that? In real life, most student bunk their beds just to make a little bit of space to move around. But, I mean, Beca's dad is a professor at the school so maybe he pulled a few strings.

A Capella Groups Aren't Royalty On Campus

I will admit, a cappella groups are pretty well respected where I went to school, but by no means do those groups equal becoming a backup singer for John Mayer. They may make a few CDs and have a few concerts on campus, but I've never seen audiences freak out over them like it was a Taylor Swift concert.

There Are So Many Aca-Puns

Can someone do a word count of how many times they use the term "aca?" Because, I aca-assure you, it would be a lot.

Those Honest Names Are Perfection

Skylar Astin as The Guy Your Girlfriend Likes and Adam DeVine as The Guy Your Boyfriend Likes is actually golden. And, OK, that's less about the movie than it is about the trailer, but, while I never thought of Rebel Wilson as the second coming of Melissa McCarthy, I totally buy it.

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