'The Originals': Don't Mess with Elijah

During this week's The Originals, the witches still want to kill the hybrid hybrid and they still want to kill Davina. The witches aren't afraid to get nasty about it, either. Agnes has two henchmen inject Sophie with a Needle of Sorrows. I can't. I CAN'T. A Needle of Sorrows?! Are you trying to put me in the grave, The Originals? What does this Needle of Sorrows do, Sophie? It raises a woman's blood temperature until it melts her unborn baby. Wait. I don't. Is Sophie pregnant, too? Oh, right. She's linked to Hayley, the pregnant werewolf. I see what's going on.

Agnes wants to kill Hayley's unborn hybrid hybrid because Sabine predicted it would destroy the witches. Agnes. Don't melt Hayley's baby. I want the witches to thrive as much as you do. The witches are everything. But you can't go around Needle of Sorrowsing people. Dial it down a notch.

Fortunately, Elijah puts his newfound BFF-ship with Davina to good use. He says he'll help her learn how to be the best mega witch she can be… if she works on a lil ol' spell for him. Davina might be a witch, but she's also a teen. And teens will do whatever they can to get their way. If casting a spell for Elijah means she'll be one step closer to killing all of the witches, she's in.

I'm all about Davina, but I have to tell myself that she'll work everything out with the witches/she won't have to kill any witches! If only.

So, what does the spell do? It breaks the bond between Sophie and Hayley! Davina successfully casts the spell! Hayley's hybrid hybrid is saved! Davina rules at magic!

I'm not the only one who is displeased with Agnes' behavior. Elijah goes into father bear mode (are father bears protective? Is that a thing?) and confronts Agnes. And by "confronts Agnes," I mean "snaps Agnes's neck."

Elijah, Elijah, Elijah. ELIJAH. I know you've got to do right by your family, but killing a witch? And not just any witch, but AGNES?! I'm in a strange head space. I don't know what to think. Agnes is, er, was, the Head Witch In Charge, and I couldn't get enough of her. I'll miss her. Goodbye, Agnes.

In other bummer news: my lady Rebekah plans on leaving New Orleans. She tells Elijah that she doesn't want to conquer The Quarter with him and Klaus. On her way out of town, she pays Marcel a visit. The two of them shake hands politely, and she drives off into the night. PSYCH. The two get it on. YEAAAAH! Finally. Rebekah asks Marcel to go with her and leave all that New Orleans nonsense behind, but he refuses to give up the throne. Rebekah leaves, devastated.

I can't lose Agnes AND Rebekah. I just can't.

Image: Annette Brown /The CW