ShopStyle's Tailored Shopping Feature Is Sweet

by Augusta Statz

ShopStyle is already the leading digital shopping platform with a catalog of over 12 million products, but it's just gotten even better. ShopStyle added a Tailored Shopping feature that allows you to personalize your shopping experience in a major way. And trust me when I say — this is an amazing update.

Because of all the products ShopStyle has on file, the website is a great resource for searching for something more generic, like, say, a black dress, and then finding black dresses from all different brands. But, what if you want to search your favorite brands for black dresses, specifically?

Well, with their new tailored searching feature, now you can!

“We wanted to balance our depth of catalog with a very personalized shopping experience,” Executive Vice President of Marketing for ShopStyle Anna Fieler told Bustle. “So, tailored search is the solution. It’s kind of like, have your cake and eat it, too,” when it comes to shopping. Sounds delicious, right?

“So if you’re searching for a black dress, and we know about your brand preferences, first and foremost, we’re going to serve you up the black dresses that are from your favorite brands,” she said.

And it’s super easy to set up your brand preferences, and you can also turn them off with just one click if you want to have access to all of ShopStyle’s products again.

I’ll walk you through the process of setting up your very own Tailored Shop before getting into how it works.

Step 1: Select what type of products you’ll be mostly shopping for

Another great aspect of this new feature is that it suits your “shopping mindset,” as Fieler called it. In other words, sometimes you’re looking for a black dress, and sometimes you’re not.

For those times when you want to just look at products, the Tailored Shop feature is a great option.

Step 2: Select your favorite brands

Once you pick your favorite brands, ShopStyle will also show you products from other similar brands that you’d like based on your preferences, providing a personal, but curated type of shopping scenario.

Step 3: Sign up for the service

Enter your email or sign in through social media. Super easy!

Step 4: Shop!

Then, let the shopping begin! The layout here is great, and it’s super easy to scroll through all kinds of products from your favorite brands.

Unlike other platforms, it’s easy to tell what brand the items are from on ShopStyle, and you can shop them immediately, if you want to.

“Social platforms like Instagram or Pinterest aren’t very shoppable,” said Fieler. “Often times I see beautiful stuff on Pinterest, but I’m like ‘Wait, but what brand? And where can I find it.’ So, it’s not a very satisfying window shopping experience.”

This latest feature changes all of that. But, how exactly? Glad you asked! It’s all done through a very well researched algorithm. Based on what shoppers click on, the computer knows what else you’re most likely going to enjoy.

“Our system knows that if you’re clicking on Adidas Stan Smith, chances are you may also like Marc Jacobs bags,” Feiler said. Pretty cool, right?

And from what Fieler’s seen, it's pretty spot on. “It’s like your fashion DNA,” she said.

She even told Bustle about a time where ShopStyle predicted her next purchase, in a way:

“Recently, ShopStyle kept showing me Adidas Stan Smith, even though it’s not a product I would have selected for myself. Then I’d notice the editors around the office wearing them, and I started thinking ‘Maybe I could have a pair.’ And I was in New York last week, and I saw all of these people wearing Stan Smiths,” she said. “It was a delightful suggestion that opened me up to what was happening outside of ShopStyle.”

I wonder what she’ll buy next… and better yet — what will you?

Go ahead! Create your very own Tailored Shop.

Images: Screengrab ShopStyle, Giphy