Purritos: 22 Times When Cats Became Burritos Who Just Want To Snuggle With You (If You Don't Eat Them First) — PHOTOS

I've lived on the internet long enough to know these two insurmountable truths: The internet loves cats, and it really loves burritos. I guess I can see the virtue in both. Where would society be without our many cat memes helping us waste time at work and preventing us from feeling real human emotions? And honestly, when isn't a burrito a good idea? Now imagine the power of those forces combined, and you've got cats dressed up as burritos, or more appropriately, purritos. They are tiny and snuggly and adorable, and they're about the #BreakTheInternet faster than Kim Kardashian's butt.

Basically a purrito is just a cat wrapped up in a towel, but guys, they're so much more than that. I don't like cats all that much and even I can't resist a little home-baked woobie. I doubt anyone can get their cat to stay conveniently packaged for long, but that's what pictures for. Burritos will come and go, but purritos are forever.

Listen, if you're going to proceed with this purrito-palooza, you're going to have to steel your heart a little bit. Go do something hardcore like swig a bunch of raw eggs or do a push-up or something, and once you're good and primed for the onslaught of cuteness, you can come back and enjoy without worrying about turning into a puddle human. Brace yourself:

1. This tiny little feller

2. This purrito Grinch

3. This cozy tabby

4. This purrito philosopher

5. This gallumph

6. This flying feline

7. This burrito bae

8. This itty bitty bb

9. This boggled burrito

10. This grumpy gus

11. This cozy cutie

12. This lazy lump

13. This teeny tabby

14. This comfy kitty

15. This Dorito purrito

16. This purrito grande

17. This mini meow

18. This side eye sass master

19. This wiggly woobie

20. This hairless hipster

21. This squishy face

22. This Yeezy purrito



Images: Imgur; Giphy