Leo Deserved A 'Veronica Mars' Spinoff

There are a ton of characters on Veronica Mars who deserved their own spinoff: Mac, for one, absolutely deserved her own series that would depict her basically slaying the patriarchy one HTML code at a time, and Weevil totally deserved his own spinoff that would depict him continuing to tear down stereotypes by being a biker with a heart of gold. But, before everyone else, I've always felt that Veronica's Season 1 boyfriend, Deputy Leo, deserved his own spinoff most of all. First of all, Max Greenfield is a spectacular actor who, with his role, more than demonstrated he was capable of carrying his own show. And, second of all, Leo just deserves more screen time — so, where better for him to get it than his own show?

I know that Deputy Leo getting a spinoff at this point is pretty unlikely — but, hey, we fans got a movie to happen when it seemed all hope was lost, so who's to say the same wouldn't happen with a Leo spinoff?

Imagine it now: Leo, fighting crime in the Balboa County area, and balancing his work life, rock star life (the dude was in a band, remember?!) and his insatiable love of pizza. It would be like a cross between The Mentalist and The O.C. — and it would be amazing.

Need more convincing? Here are seven reasons this show should have happened, like, yesterday:

Leo Was Always Honest, Which Is A Great Quality For A Protagonist

Whether he was confessing his feelings to Veronica or discussing his love of pizza, Leo never put up a front.

He Had Good Taste In Music

Not only did Leo quote classic '80s songs without batting an eye, but he also played in a rock band! His life as a deputy in Neptune would undoubtedly make for great television, but depicting the time he spends out of uniform, playing awesome music and eating pizza, would really set the show apart.

He Had A Great Sense Of Humor

Leo often proved he had a great sense of humor, and the ability to take whatever life threw at him in stride: For instance, when Veronica broke up with him, Leo was understandably heartbroken — but he didn't hold a grudge, because he's too cool a guy to hold the fact that Veronica didn't want to be in a relationship against her.

His Spinoff Could Explain More About This Line

Like, I get this line directed at Veronica in The Veronica Mars Movie was a reference to the unaired Season 4 pilot where Veronica joined the FBI, but still — where did Leo hear that Veronica was with the FBI? Who told him this information? (As a bit of a Veronica and Leo 'shipper, part of me just wants to know if he was asking about her so I can keep the hope alive.)

He Always Did What He Believed Was Right, No Matter What It Meant For His Job

When Veronica needed his help gaining intel for a case she was working on, Leo hardly turned her down in favor of protecting his job, because he knew he was doing the right thing by helping Veronica. Television seems to favor the antiheroes these days — Don Draper, Tony Soprano, Walter White, etc. — so having a trustworthy, honest, truly good guy as a lead protagonist would be refreshing, in a way.

He Clearly Had A Lot Of Layers That Are Worth Exploring

Veronica Mars was a show about Veronica, so it's understandable that we never got to see much of Leo apart from when he was dating our lovely leading lady. However, I firmly believe the guy had a lot more layers worth exploring: We got a taste of that when it's revealed he plays in a rock band on the side. Honestly, I sort of believe that Leo probably had a wacky home/family life when he was out of uniform. This spinoff could give us some insight.

That Smile

I mean. Just look at it. Whose television screen doesn't need more of that smile?

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