Eleanor & Jasper Combine Forces On 'The Royals'

Get ready fans of the highly dysfunctional couple of Eleanor and Jasper on The Royals since the pair is about to be reunited in the Season 1 finale and it's gonna feel so good (spoilers ahead). Jasper has been in prison ever since Eleanor got him arrested in "The Great Man Down" episode, but Eleanor will release Jasper from prison on The Royals during the May 17 finale. Eleanor pretty much knew that Jasper really didn't have anything to do with her father's stabbing, but she was outraged that he had slept with her mother Queen Helena, and all the other ways he manipulated her. She had him arrested, but now — with not many people in the palace able to be trusted — she is turning to her former security guard and lover. It's the return of Jeleanor! Even though I'm not totally clear on the suddenly illegitimate princess could get her ex-bodyguard out of jail.

Then again, she's got some serious motivation to get crafty: Eleanor is on a quest to figure out what really happened to her brother Robert, courtesy of the mysterious hooded man who has been standing outside of the palace gates. As palace security guards Ted Pryce and Marcus Jeffries discovered, the man is actually 24-year-old Brandon Boone. He was in Robert's military unit and recently went AWOL. After stalking both of Robert's siblings (he creeped on Liam at the bar), he approached Eleanor in the hospital elevator. He confirmed what she suspected — that Robert hadn't committed suicide like her mother told her (gah! can we ever trust Queen Helena?!). But he also admitted to being the one who killed Robert himself... uh, what?

Now if Eleanor wants more info about the circumstances surrounding her brother's murder, she has to meet Brandon in the sketchiest place imaginable — underneath a bridge at midnight. Which means, it's time to bring in the big guns and release Jasper from prison. The only hint of Jasper's return was in the preview for the Season 1 finale (entitled "Our Wills and Fates Do So Contrary Run") where he was accompanying Eleanor to meet Brandon Boone. But promos released by E! for the final episode of Season 1 show Eleanor getting Jasper out of prison personally.

Although Eleanor is not an heir to the throne anymore since she's not Simon's biological child (hmm, I'm still not sold on that one), I wasn't sure how easy it would be for her to get Jasper out of jail. But apparently (according to The Royals), it's super simple: She just rescinded the charges. I'm also sure the fact that there was no evidence against Jasper probably helped with his swift release as well.

Jasper absolutely makes sense as an ally for Eleanor since she is sans security detail and alone right now. The other preview scene that The Royals released showed Jasper instructing Eleanor to find all of the guns he had hidden in her room (OK, that's super unsafe, but quite helpful in Eleanor's current situation). Seems the pair isn't going to go meet Brandon Boone unarmed.

Now I had previously theorized that maybe Jasper might have come to the palace to investigate Robert's murder in the first place. If that is the case, then Eleanor has made the exact right decision in releasing him from prison. But even if Jasper doesn't have any intel about Robert, the show's strangest couple to 'ship will be back together for the season finale — just as they should be.

Images: E!; queenhelenas (4), fyeahjeleanor (2)/Tumblr