Will We Ever See Jasper Again On 'The Royals'?

by Sara Steinfeld

You know what's the worst? When you're watching The Royals and something happens that makes you gasp audibly and so hard that you actually get some saliva lodged in your throat, so then not only are you shocked by what you just saw but you're also kinda in the throes of death. Oh, is that just me? Cool, let's pretend I never mentioned it. But since it's out there, I just thought you all should know that that's how I felt when Eleanor got Jasper arrested at the end of "The Great Man Down." I totally understand her reasoning: Her father, the King of England, had just been stabbed, and since Jasper is a known liar who recently slept Queen Helena for who knows what reason, Eleanor thought he might have something to do with it. It would suck if he did, but I get why she suspects him. But now, it's really up in the air as to whether or not Jasper will come back to The Royals.

The preview for next week's episode, "In My Heart There Was A Kind Of Fighting," didn't exactly prove helpful in answering this question, nor does this short plot summary. However, Tom Austen, who plays Jasper, is still listed as a cast member, and there are no tweets/Instagram posts/mysterious sky-written messages from the actor indicating whether or not we'll ever see him again. Basically, all I can say about his future on the show for the moment is this:

But let's be real here: Who in his or her right mind would write Jasper off the show? His relationship with Eleanor is so much more entertaining than Liam and Opehlia's (sorry, Ophiam fans...), and Alexandra Park and Tom Austen seem to like each other WAY too much for her to allow her co-star to up and leave. That said, this is the Internet, and I would be remiss to not include some of my own wild speculations about how the writers could bring Jasper back. Let's blast off into some completely unfounded assumptions and hypotheticals!

Eleanor Feels Guilty About Having Him Arrested, So She Bails Him Out

Whether this happens before or after we find out who stabbed Simon is kind of irrelevant. I'm convinced, despite what she may have us believe, Eleanor has real feelings for Jasper, and that she had him arrested as a form of punishment for sleeping with the queen. Personally, I'd love to see how their relationship changes once he's out of jail after having been thrown in there by the girl he was once blackmailing for sex.

Jasper Knows Who Stabbed The King

Why he wouldn't have volunteered the information immediately is unclear, but Jasper's a shady dude, and I'm sure he had his reasons. Having Jasper be the key to solving this crime would be an awesome way to bring him back to the forefront of the show.

Jasper Knows Who The Mysterious Hooded Figure Is

When I first saw this guy, I was convinced that it was going to be Prince Robert, but when Ted, the head of security, didn't recognize him, that theory dissolved. If Jasper is the only one who knows who this guy is (maybe he worked with him at some point, maybe he's somehow related to Jasper's alleged past in Las Vegas), he could jump back into things and become a huge part of the investigation. On the flip side, he could be working with this mystery man to take down the monarchy. Seriously, I still can't tell which side Jasper is on.

He Got The Queen Pregnant, So They Release Him So He Can Raise The Baby In Secret

LOLOLOL no this definitely won't happen but can you even imagine? #RoyalBabyScandalz4Ever

Everything Gets Resolved And, At The End Of The Season, He's Granted A Royal Pardon And He And Jeleanor Live Happily Ever After

A girl can dream, right?

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