What Businesses Does Kevin O'Leary Invest In? 'Shark Tank's Mr. Wonderful Is All About Raking In Extra Cash

Between Shark Tank and its Canadian predecessor Dragon's Den, Kevin O'Leary is one of the most experienced venture capitalists on TV. But his "Mr. Wonderful" reputation is all about making money, so what type of companies does Kevin O'Leary invest in when he's not on television? Turns out, even off camera Mr. Wonderful is all about making as much money as possible, though he does it without coming up with complex royalty deals. Even though Kevin's Shark Tank deals are often phrased in such a way that make them sound high risk, high reward, as he explained in a talk chronicled by Seeking Alpha, he's actually a pretty conservative investor, only spending as much money as he absolutely needs to in order to grow his fortune. And when he invests in a Shark Tank company, he usually does it so that he can minimize the amount of risk he's taking, and maximize his profit, by ensuring his initial payment will be paid off in royalties, so even if the company goes under quickly, he'll have recouped some of his losses.

It makes sense that Kevin is such a savvy investor. He took many risks as a businessman in the beginning of his career, pulling off an incredible feat when he sold his first company, The Learning Company, for billions. But now? Kevin's all about maximizing his current funds, downplaying risks, and indulging in all of his favorite subjects, like wine.

He Manages Mutual Funds

Do you want your money to be safely in the hands of a guy who lives, breathes, and thinks about it constantly? The O'Leary Funds have you covered. Mr. Wonderful has branched into investment banking, and he'll help your maximize your profits but conservatively investing, just like he does personally.

Most Of His Small Business Ventures Are Found On Shark Tank

On Kevin's site, he lists companies that he's invested in, and all of them are from either Shark Tank or Dragon's Den, the Canadian version of the show. So Kevin really does put his money where his televised handshakes are, but doesn't seem to really be seeking out other small businesses to invest in.

He Loves Wine

Anyone who's watched Shark Tank knows that Kevin O'Leary is a huge wine snob who loves to talk about a secret society of wine tasters with special cups called "tastevin" and claim to be a member. The rest of the Sharks always laugh him off of the panel, but the man knows his stuff. Now, Kevin has put his name and face on a collection of vintage wines called O'Leary Wines.

So unless you know your small company is going to hit one of Mr. Wonderful's favorite topics or you already have a small fortune to invest, your best way to get Kevin O'Leary's attention is to show up on Shark Tank.

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