What Will Your Significant Other Will Look When They're Old? This Couple Found Out, And It Was Even Cuter Than You Might Think — VIDEO

Did you ever go to the science museum as a kid, and find an exhibit that showed you what you'd look like as a grown-up? Or what you'd look like as at grandparent at 70 years old? Okay, maybe they only did that at the Boston Museum of Science. Let me tell you, it was great. You got to strut around as a 7-year-old with the knowledge that you'd age gracefully. And for a full hour, you fancied yourself like one of those celebs who got hotter with age.

Whether or not you were THAT 7-year-old, you'll appreciate this: An engaged couple aged themselves to see how they would look at each stage of their life. Tavis and Kristie, who are getting married in a month. will have pictures of what they ~might~ look like at every stage of their life to show their parents, and their future children.

Their first stop is their 50s. (Which they assume is about the time they'll have a couple of teenagers- which they both fully admit will suck.) Next is their 70s, which is where the waterworks start for Tavis and Kristie. And you and me and everyone else on the Internet. And then finally their 90s, which is when Tavis turns into Albert Einstein, basically.

So, they went into hair and make-up:

And re-emerged decades later:

It's pretty remarkable to see. But even better than their actual aging process is the way they respond to seeing each other at 50, 70 and 90. Tavis is constantly in awe of how gorgeous his future wife looks. As a couple, they're fascinated by the memories that would've happened before they saw each other as 70 year olds.

Watch the full video:

Another takeaway? Women definitely age better than men. We must lead healthier lives.

Images: YouTube, Imgur, Giphy