What Will Royal Baby #2 Look Like As An Adult? It's Time To Pull Out The Face Morph Technology & Get Creepy

Alright, so sometimes I like to wonder about what the future figure heads of the United Kingdom are going to look like when they're all grown up — I'm totally guilty of being into the royal baby craze. Does that make me weird? Yes, OK, probably. But you know what, I bet now that I've brought it up, you're curious about what royal baby #2 will look like as an adult, too — especially now that we have official confirmation from Kensington Palace that Kate Middleton has given birth to a baby girl, her second child with husband Prince William. It's just that Prince William and Prince Harry are such good looking dudes that I wonder if the gene pool is going to support that sort of beauty for another generation. It sure helps that Kate Middleton is the royal babies' mother, because, obviously, she's gorgeous as well (and happens to have, like, the shiniest hair known to man).

Now, we know what a royal baby looks like thanks to the fantastically adorable Prince George. But, what we don't know, is what a grown up product of both Prince William and Kate will look like — after all, Prince George is nearly two years old, and the new princess is only about a few hours old. And, unfortunately, I am not the proud owner of a time machine — not even a hot tub one. So, instead of guessing whether or not the new princess will look like her brother, because that's bo-ring, let's try to figure out if she's going to look more or less like her adult parents when she themselves is an adult.

Drumroll, please. Here is what the new royal baby could potentially look like when she grows up:

OK, OK — so maybe this picture isn't as true-to-life as anyone would like it to be. However, the key features that the new princess could end up inheriting are clear: A strong jawline, beautiful eyes, and pouty lips. Things are already looking up for her! Not that things were ever exactly looking down for her — her parents are Kate Middleton and Prince William, so her life is pretty much set so far. Let's just hope that this weird, side bang this morph photo is rocking, like Kate Gosselin à la 2011-style, doesn't follow her into the future, though. Other than that, she's golden.

Well, unless Prince George doesn't approve. Then, she's probably screwed. Just like this unfortunate, unsuspecting, stuffed bibly.

Yeah, they probably shouldn't let big bro hold his little sister just yet.

(Sidenote: While this image of what the new princess may look like as an adult only gives us hints of the main features she could inherit from her beautiful, royal parents, we do have a much more reliable way of knowing how she may look as a kid, thanks to MorphThing's generator:


Congrats to Kate and Wills!

Image: Morph Thing (2); Giphy